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Dean's Teaching Awards - Faculty (RFA): 2017 recipients

Jonathan AndersonJonathon Anderson
School of Interior Design, Faculty of Communication and Design

Jonathon Anderson, a dedicated assistant professor, began teaching at the Ryerson School of Interior Design in the Fall of 2015. With previous experience in both academic institutions and professional design, Jonathon Anderson is an exceptionally unique professor who has made a meaningful impact on the students of RSID, faculty, staff and administration. Through a combination of creative teaching methods, innovative curriculum design, encouraging leadership, educational effectiveness, incorporation of equity and extracurricular contributions, Professor Anderson has exceeded the traditional expectations of a professor. Demonstrated through a seemingly inexhaustible investment of personal time, Professor Anderson is committed to designing impactful education experiences.

Ebrahim BagheriEbrahim Bagheri
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Faculty of Engineering and Architectural Science

Ebrahim is dedicated to excellence in teaching, effective student training, student engagement and curriculum development. He believes that teaching is best achieved in an experiential process where students understand both theoretical and practical aspects of the content. He has perfected a unique style of course design and delivery that includes innovative forms of content delivery both in class and within the lab. He has also been involved in program development at Ryerson. He is well-known by students for delivering engaging lectures, being always available for help, and showing extremely respectful behaviour with the student body.

Roberto BotelhoRoberto Botelho
Department of Chemistry and Biology, Faculty of Science

Dr. Roberto Botelho has made important contributions to teaching and curriculum development at Ryerson. He helped modernize the Biology curriculum, led the creation of a new undergraduate program in Biomedical Sciences and helped develop the Ph.D. program curriculum in Molecular Science. He has worked to revamp and create new courses in cell biology and biochemistry, including enhanced experiential learning through laboratories. He is leading the development of graduate student research and communication skills through seminar courses. Perhaps his most important contribution is through his passion to the profession, inside and outside the classroom, that many students find inspiring.

Tara CollinsTara Collins
School of Child and Youth Care, Faculty of Community Services

Tara is an extraordinary teacher who combines a strong commitment to inclusive classroom communities with a personalized approach to ensuring effective and rewarding learning outcomes for students. Tara shares her vast professional and academic connections in the broader field of children's rights with her students, so that virtually every aspect of the curriculum is tied to the very summit of scholarly and professional activity in the area of children's rights in Canada and globally. From retired Senators of Canada to some of the best known scholars in the field, Tara ensures that students have access to the cutting edge of children's rights theory, research and practice.

Anthony Francescucci
Department of Marketing Management, Ted Rogers School of Management

Dr. Anthony Francescucci has a passion for teaching marketing and energizing the marketing classroom through the use of technology, making the experience more engaging and stimulating for students to improve student performance. A dedicated and innovative contributor to developing teaching skills, he involves similar-minded colleagues to join his technology-based experiments to evolve the classroom teaching environment, in the process both mentoring peers and building collaborative networks. His measurements of whether there is improvement in the marketing classroom experience are not limited to grade-based performance but also includes the use of extensive student feedback.

Sharonna GreenbergSharonna Greenberg
Department of Chemistry and Biology, Faculty of Science

Dr. Sharonna Greenberg is a professor of chemistry in her sixth year at Ryerson University. She received her PhD in Chemistry from the University of Toronto. Sharonna is a recipient of the University of Toronto Fellowship, and L'Oreal-UNESCO for Women in Science Mentor Fellowship; the Julie Payette-NSERC Award, as well as the Chancellor Northrop Frye Gold Medal; the Governor General's Silver Medal, and the NSERC Graduate Scholarship, Andre Hamer and C. P. Crowley Scholarships respectively. Sharonna is an exceptional teacher; few students will ever be privileged enough to have had an instructor as passionate and talented.

Sarah HenstraSarah Henstra
Department of English, Faculty of Arts

Associate professor of English Sarah Henstra, author of the Young Adult novel, Mad Miss Mimic (Penguin/Random House, 2015), is a personable, dynamic teacher who is praised by her students for creating learning environments that are nurturing and challenging, innovative and impactful, and that offer opportunities for both creative exploration (retelling and reinterpreting fairy tales) and professional skill development (creating a portfolio of writings on cultural events). Her role as a teacher extends to mentoring her students as they develop professionally and in forging connections between the classroom and the vibrant cultural industries of Toronto, in keeping with Ryerson's city-building mandate.

John ShigaJohn Shiga
School of Professional Communication, Faculty of Communication and Design

Dr. John Shiga is a creative and versatile instructor who teaches courses ranging from sound design to intercultural communication in the School of Professional Communication (ProCom) His students praise his innovative and engaging assignments such as simulated CRTC hearings and his mentoring of both undergraduate and graduate students. His colleagues recognize his ability to teach complex concepts with clarity and elegance. In ProCom, Dr. Shiga has also assumed a leadership role in teaching and learning as a key member of the Undergraduate Curriculum committee and the director of the Graduate Program.

Farid ShiraziFarid Shirazi
Information Technology Management, Ted Rogers School of Management

Dr. Farid Shirazi is more than just a professor; he is a teacher, a mentor, an inspiration and a friend. As the associate director of the Ted Rogers School of Information Technology Management, he not only took part in creating the curriculum for the program, but he engages students in class interactions using the traditional teaching of writing on boards and following along with students' understanding. He challenges his students by engraving a competitive mindset that encourages students to be at par with the top IT schools around the world by learning the latest software and technologies. Dr. Shirazi always steps outside of the original lecture setting and transforms the entire topic into a source of entertainment, with his amazing humour and stories. His commitment and passion to pass his knowledge to the next generations with open arms is enough to define him as an excellent teacher.

June YeeJune Yee
School of Social Work, Faculty of Community Services

June Ying Yee is an academic scholar who has a passion for inspiring students to reach their academic potential and takes the time to work alongside them in assisting them to reach their learning goals. She has shaped the social work profession and scholarly field on race and racism in numerous ways, including in the areas of immigration, mental health, social and community services, employment for internationally educated social work professionals and child welfare. June makes a valuable impact on students' learning in the classroom that is directly connected to her research and practice work in the community.

Fei YuanFei Yuan
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Faculty of Engineering and Architectural Science

Dr. Yuan has made an exceptional contribution to teaching excellence at Ryerson as an effective teacher, an accomplished scholar and an academic leader. He developed six undergraduate and five graduate courses on microelectronics with materials drawn from his 200+ refereed papers and five books. His innovative ways of teaching, modular course offering and laboratory design projects greatly elevated microelectronics education, evidenced by the employment of a large number of Electrical and Computer Engineering graduates by world-class corporations such as AMD and the university faculty appointments of his graduate students. He was instrumental in many departmental initiatives promoting student success, teaching and research excellence.