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Dean's Teaching Awards - Faculty (RFA): 2019 recipients

Lydia _ChenLydia Chen
Department of Chemistry and Biology, Faculty of Science

Lydia Chen's classroom creativity, passion for chemistry education and unwavering commitment to her students have furthered a singular objective -- to make chemistry accessible and stimulating for students. Lydia recognized that first year chemistry may be intimating. She implemented two-stage collaborative testing and online tutorials, and created her own YouTube videos to help students practicing problem solving, a skill that is important to excel in first-year chemistry. Lydia shares her own thought processes in problem solving, showing students that chemistry is not as complicated as it may appear. Lydia is dedicated to her students. She is an excellent teacher.

Marianella ColletteMarianella Collette
Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures, Faculty of Arts

Dr. Marianella Collette is an exceptionally inspiring teacher, notorious for her enthusiasm about the subject matter, her ability to engage the class and her aptitude in building student confidence. Her innovative and highly effective model of undergraduate teaching, her commitment to mentorship, her leadership in the curriculum development and creation of a Spanish stream in the Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures has brought tremendous value to Ryerson over the years. While helping students navigate cultural differences and fostering an approach of mutual respect, she enables them to engage with the Hispanophone community of Toronto outside of the classroom.

Andrew FurmanAndrew D. Furman
School of Interior Design, Faculty of Communication and Design

Andrew Furman is trained in Interiors and Architecture and teaches in the Ryerson School of Interior Design. He has developed courses that explore design processes and communication methods in the design studio, along with revisioning foundational design studio courses in Interior Design. His current research explores the pathways between the interior and exterior in theory and how users of space test the loose fit of design. He seeks creative collaborative projects exploring the intersections of interiority, the public realm and material processes. Upcoming presentations and publications investigate affordances and questions of interiority across various scales.

Tom GriffinTom Griffin
School of Hospitality and Tourism Management, Ted Rogers School of Management

Since joining the Ted Rogers School of Hospitality and Tourism Management in 2014, Dr. Tom Griffin has made a positive impact on both students and faculty. Students speak of his approachability, passion and innovative teaching techniques. Fellow faculty members learn from his innovative approaches he uses to engage students. While engaging students and helping faculty, Tom has also found time to merge two required courses (HTT202 + HTT303 = HTT150 Tourism Demand, Supply and Distribution) and redesign the content, structure and assessments for two courses (HTR741 Tourism Research Concepts and HTT509 Who makes the rules? Tourism Policy).

Julian HasfordJulian Hasford
School of Child and Youth Care, Faculty of Community Services

Julian is a sincere, humorous and exceptionally talented teacher. He brings to class an openness to explore whatever themes are engaging for students. He has developed experiential learning opportunities through site visits to community partners and he utilizes his relationships with marginalized communities to ensure students have access to speakers representing a wide range of social and identity locations. Julian brings his identity, his experiences in other countries and his story of immigration to the classroom. Beyond the classroom, Julian provides students, including emerging Black scholars, with guidance and coaching that will make a difference to the Academy as a whole.

Farrokh_Janabi-SharifiFarrokh Janabi-Sharifi
Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, Faculty of Engineering and Architectural Science

Dr. Sharifi's educational goal is to have a profoundly positive impact on the students' future engineering practice with the focus on multidisciplinary area of mechatronics. In particular, he seeks methods for further engagement of the students in independent learning and knowledge access. Dr. Sharifi has an extensive record of teaching in different universities including KAIST (Korea) and Technical University of Munich (Germany). He has contributed to the development of FEAS Graduate Studies curriculum by representing the Mechanical Engineering program, and also played a leading role in Mechatronics Option curriculum design and implementation within the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering.

Raffi KarshafianRaffi Karshafian
Department of Physics, Faculty of Science

Dr. Raffi Karshafian of the Department of Physics is praised by his students for the clarity of his lectures, ability to deliver difficult material in the form that accessible even for the students with limited background in physics, and his dedication to the students. One of his former students describes Dr. Karshafian as "a professor who is able to take a frightening physics course and turn it into a subject I wish to pursue a career in."

Laleh SamarbakhshLaleh Samarbakhsh
School of Accounting and Finance, Ted Rogers School of Management

Dr. Laleh Samarbakhsh has demonstrated excellence in teaching in a number of ways at TRSM including coordination of FIN300 Managerial Finance (a mandatory course for all TRSM students), teaching innovation and use of technology with emphasis on introducing SAF students to Excel skills and financial modeling. Laleh is ISW-certified and her efforts in knowledge mobilization through pedagogy, conference presentations and publications, and a TRSM blog post to assist students in preparing for the Introductory Finance course final exam are innovative. Feedback from the students is consistently strong and positive, making Laleh a deserving nominee of the 2019 Dean's Teaching Award.

Brennan _ThompsonBrennan Thompson
Department of Economics, Faculty of Arts

Dr. Brennan Thompson's commitment and passion for teaching and curricular innovation is exceptional. Brennan is enthusiastic about teaching economics whether it is to 500 students taking a course in introductory economics or to just 10 students taking a graduate course in advanced econometrics. He puts economic theory to practice with examples drawn from current global economic issues. Brennan constantly adapts his courses to new and ever-changing technologies and to regulations regarding these technologies. As our program director, Dr. Thompson had an uncanny "ability to motivate students" and "capacity as a role model for personal and professional development of students."

Eva _WoyzbunEva Woyzbun
School of Professional Communication, Faculty of Communication and Design

Dr. Eva Woyzbun has made an extraordinary contribution to teaching in the School of Professional Communication and in FCAD. She is not only an outstanding teacher with strong teaching assessments, but she successfully renovated a large introductory course (over 1,000 students a semester) by developing engaging and relevant online resources that prepare students for their workshops and assignments. She has consistently mentored both graduate students and her departmental colleagues in this demanding course. She also manages to integrate challenging issues related to gender and race into her teaching in ways that are open and respectful.