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Errol Aspevig Award for Outstanding Academic Leadership: 2019 recipients

Arts Department Shoot March 21, 2013.    Maurice Roche
Department of Economics, Faculty of Arts

Before joining the Department of Economics at Ryerson University in 2008, Dr. Maurice Roche was a faculty member of the National University of Ireland Maynooth since 1985. In a career spanning approximately 30 years, he has made many contributions to leadership, teaching, research and service. In his 8 years serving as chair of the department, he showed wonderful leadership skills that epitomize a worthy recipient of the Errol Aspevig Award. Under his leadership, the department experienced a significant transformation from a relatively young department to a well-established research department, recognized for its academic contributions and the quality of its programs.

Pamela SugimanPamela Sugiman
Office of the Dean, Faculty of Arts

Dr. Pamela Sugiman has demonstrated exemplary leadership across several projects that have advanced Ryerson University's vision of becoming a national innovation leader. A strong and capable administrator, Pamela serves as a role model through her own research and her development of an academic climate where knowledge promotion is the norm. She has strengthened the culture of research in the Faculty of Arts, and her initiatives have played a significant role in helping to rebrand it as a centre for democracy-related research and engagement. Truly a transformative leader, Pamela’s emphasis on equity, civility and social engagement allows her peers to learn, grow and thrive.

Past recipients