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YSGS Outstanding Contribution to Graduate Education Award: 2014 recipients

Ron BabinRon Babin
Master of Business Administration Program, School of Information Technology Management

Ron Babin is an Associate Professor in the Ted Rogers School of Management (TRSM), where he has taught IT management courses to MBA and undergraduate students full time since 2006. Prior to joining Ryerson and TRSM, Ron was a consulting partner at Accenture and at KPMG. His consulting work focused on IT strategy and planning at large client organizations. Ron has recently taken on the role of Director of Corporate and Executive Education at TRSM. Dr Babin completed his Doctor in Business Administration (DBA) at the University of Manchester. His research and thesis examined the role of social responsibility in global IT outsourcing. He is a co-author of a popular book “Sustainable Global Outsourcing”. He is frequently invited by industry associations and individual organizations to provide guidance on CSR in outsourcing. He is often quoted in the press on this topic. Ron is a graduate of the computer science and MBA

Debora FosterDebora Foster
Molecular Science Program, Department of Chemistry and Biology

Dr. Foster directs the Molecular Science Graduate Program and heads a vibrant research group studying host-pathogen interactions. Debora has been a leader in launching the Molecular Science graduate program and acted as the interim Dean of Ryerson’s Yeates School of Graduate Studies. Debora has mentored 11 Master’s theses and 1 Ph. D. dissertation, as well as serving on 7 graduate committees, supporting 13 student publications and 38 scientific presentations. Debora has also fostered graduate education at a provincial level as first a member and then Chair of the Ontario Graduate Scholarship Selection Panel for the Molecular Biology and Genetics section. The impact of Debora’s mentorship and initiative on the Ryerson community has been both transformative and inspiring. Her record and testimonials from all levels clearly demonstrates her generous investment in the highest-caliber graduate education. Dr. Foster has provided exceptional mentorship to the Ryerson graduate community entirely worthy of recognition.

David HarrisDavid Harris
Film and Photography Preservation and Collections Management Program, School of Image Arts

One of the founding members of the Photographic Preservation and Collections Management in which he teaches, David Harris is an internationally recognized historian and curator. With this award, he is honoured by his colleagues and students for the example of his intellectual leadership, the generosity of his mentoring, his exceptional dedication to his students and their professional achievements, his fostering of talent and ambition in the disabled students in the program and his proven ability to consistently provide an environment that fosters students’ intellectual, personal and professional growth.

Karen SpaldingKaren Spalding
Master of Nursing Program, Daphne Cockwell School of Nursing

Karen Spalding is the Program Director for the Master of Nursing (MN) Program and has been actively involved with the program since its inception. Karen served as the first Program Director when the program was launched in 2005 and since that time has been committed to ensuring that the program flourished. Her outstanding contributions to graduate education are evidenced by her leadership in curriculum development and delivery, as well as by her mentorship of graduate students. Karen’s contributions to graduate education also extend to the provincial and national level and she is currently serving on the Canadian Association of Schools of Nursing (CASN) Task Force on Nursing Master’s Education which is developing a Pan-Canadian competency framework for graduate masters nursing degrees.

Monique TschofenMonique Tschofen
Communication and Culture Program, Department of English

Monique Tschofen has been a leading figure in doctoral education at Ryerson since its inauguration with the PhD in Communication and Culture in 2002. Supervisor of many doctoral and even more masters students, an anchor in theoretical foundations teaching at the graduate level, and a constant presence on Program executive and other committees, Tschofen has put graduate education as a fourth pillar of our profession, an equal alongside research, service, and undergraduate teaching. Her doctoral students are now working as tenured and tenure-track professors—they are now Ryerson and program alumni, and have begun sending their own students to pursue graduate studies with us. For dedication to research, service and teaching, all three at the graduate level, Monique Tschofen is well deserving of recognition for her outstanding contributions.

Bin WuBin Wu
Electrical and Computer Engineering Program, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

For significant contributions to the graduate education and research in electrical engineering: Dr. Wu has played a leadership role in developing a power-engineering graduate research program that is now well-recognized in Canada and internationally. He has successfully trained a large number of graduate students with a substantial amount of publications. To support graduate research, he has established two best-equipped research facilities in a Canadian university in electric drives and renewable energies. With an optimal balance of theoretical analysis, physical explanation and practical discussions, Dr. Wu has excelled in graduate teaching. His graduate students have excelled as well with prestigious recognitions and awards. Working closely with the Canadian industry, Dr. Wu and his students have developed a number of inventions and patented technologies, which have been transferred to the Canadian industry, resulting in significant economic benefits.

Past recipients