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YSGS Outstanding Contribution to Graduate Education Award: 2018 recipients

Alagan_AnpalaganAlagan Anpalagan
Electrical and Computer Engineering Graduate Programs, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Alagan Anpalagan is recognized for his exceptional contribution to graduate education, training and research. As a teacher and researcher, he provided effective mentorship, guidance and advice to graduate students. He also created many opportunities for professional development within and outside of Ryerson for many students. His research focuses on green wireless and sensor communication technologies and he has published extensively in high impact journals with his graduate students. He has been instrumental in advancing the graduate education and research agenda in the Deptartment of Electrical and Computer Engineering.

Rachel Berman
Master of Arts in Early Childhood Studies, School of Early Childhood Studies

Currently serving as the graduate program director for the School of Early Childhood Studies, Dr. Rachel Berman is an outstanding professor, researcher, mentor, advisor and program administrator. She is sought after as an MRP supervisor and highly regarded for her tireless efforts to create a well-supported culture within the program. Dr. Berman is a strong and vocal advocate for ECS students, highly responsive to their needs and dedicated to ensuring their success both at Ryerson and beyond. Her impressive and long-lasting impact is reflected in the high publication rate for her graduates and their continued academic and professional success post-Ryerson.

James Gräfe
Biomedical Physics Graduate Programs, Department of Physics

Dr. Gräfe is a biomedical physics professor and clinical physicist at the Odette Cancer Centre. His educational contributions consist of providing first class medical physics based instruction, the hosting of a hands-on clinical component, and is an encouraging and dedicated advisor. His role is central to providing clinical training, while advocating cutting edge, clinically relevant research projects to our graduate students. Since 2015, Dr. Gräfe has built a successful research program with a bustling laboratory full of graduate and undergraduate students working on research projects. He has also been highly successful securing five research grants to fund his many projects.

Karen Milligan
Psychology Graduate Programs, Department of Psychology

Dr. Milligan has gone above and beyond during her time at Ryerson. She has played a pivotal role in developing training for clinical psychology students interested in children's mental health. This has included serving as associate director of clinical training, developing and managing a practicum in child assessment, supporting students in obtaining clinical placements, and supervising research evaluating innovative treatments to support children's mental health. With Dr. Milligan's unwavering support, her students have been successful in both child clinical practice and research and are making a meaningful difference in the lives of children and families.

Paul Moore
Communication and Culture Graduate Programs, Department of Sociology

An award-winning researcher, a gifted teacher and a dedicated supervisor, as well as the visionary director of the York-Ryerson Graduate Program in Communications and Culture from 2012-2017, Dr. Moore has focused on fostering the intellectual and professional development of students within his own program, across campus and nationally in his field. He has supported his students to secure grants and fellowships, publish in the top journals in their field, secure tenure track jobs as well as applied research careers. Within his own classroom and throughout the institution, he has fostered a culture of inquiry grounded in collegiality, trust and respect.

James Tiessen
MBA Programs, Health Services Management

Dr. James Tiessen has made an enormous contribution to graduate education within the Yeates School of Graduate Studies since he joined Ryerson in 2007, both as MBA director, and then developing a Master’s of Health Administration (Community Care – MHA(CC)), expected to launch in 2018. Jim’s leadership between 2007 and 2012 enabled the MBA program to establish a reputation as a top tier Canadian MBA. Jim has played an important role as a builder and initiator of graduate programs at a time when Ryerson and the Ted Rogers School of Management needed this type of entrepreneurial and innovative leadership.

Matthew_TiessenMatthew Tiessen
Masters of Professional Communication Program, School of Professional Communications

As a committed scholar, engaged researcher, dedicated supervisor and passionate teacher, Matthew Tiessen has made exceptional contributions to graduate education in both the MPC and ComCult programs. Graduate students and faculty have benefited from Matthew's strong commitment to inclusiveness, collegiality and transparency; his rigorous commitment to pedagogical innovation and excellence; and his dedication to mentoring and advocating on behalf of graduate students. Matthew is recognized among MPC students for being exceptionally approachable, supportive, empathetic and generous with his time. In his administrative activities, supervision and teaching, Matthew provides students with valuable advice about navigating graduate studies, research and professional development.

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