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YSGS Outstanding Contribution to Graduate Education Award: 2019 recipients

Anthony BonatoAnthony Bonato
Mathematics, Faculty of Science

Dr. Anthony Bonato makes a tremendously positive impact on graduate education at Ryerson through the supervision of his graduate students and his graduate teaching. A devoted mentor to his students, he takes great care to nurture their academic potential and helps them achieve their academic goals. He plays an active role in supporting the success of his students, and co-authored 16 papers with them in top journals and conference proceedings. Dr. Bonato recently taught a master's course in modelling networks at the African Institute of Mathematics at Cameroon, which included 28 students from 13 African countries.

Marta_BraunMarta Braun
Film and Photographic Preservation and Collections Management, Faculty of Communication and Design

Marta Braun has served as the graduate program director of the Film and Photographic Preservation and Collections Management (MA) program since 2012. Marta worked on the original program proposal (1997) and has played a crucial role in teaching, supervision and curriculum development in the program. In 2015, she launched a new stream in Film Preservation and, with program faculty, developed international residencies for students in significant film and photographic collecting institutions. The results of Marta's efforts have strengthened both the quality and the reputation of this unique program providing significant national and international research and career opportunities for students.

Suzanne FredericksSuzanne Fredericks
Nursing, Faculty of Community Services

Dr. Suzanne Fredericks is a professor and graduate program director in the Daphne Cockwell School of Nursing. As a professor, she regularly supports graduate student engagement in professional meetings, conference attendance and collaboration on scholarly and research projects. For example, Dr. Fredericks launched a student engagement initiative titled Maximizing Your Career Success: a series of lunch-and-learn sessions, live actor simulations and panel discussions focussing on career advancement. Dr. Fredericks has led the creation of a PhD in Urban Health program. If successful, this program will provide rigorous methodological and theoretical education to graduate students in the field of Urban Health.

Claire_OswaldClaire Oswald
Environmental Applied Science and Management, Interdisciplinary

An approachable and dedicated supervisor and researcher, Dr. Claire Oswald is committed to mentoring graduate students and cultivating a collaborative research environment. With a research program focussing on watershed hydrological and biogeochemical functioning, Dr. Oswald motivates and challenges her students to ask the difficult questions needed to advance our understanding of the impacts of changing land use on water resources. Supporting students in both Environmental Applied Science and Management and Master of Spatial Analysis programs conducting field, lab and modelling work, Dr. Oswald grants her students exposure to all aspects of environmental research and equips them thoroughly for future success.

Julia SpaniolJulia Spaniol
Psychology, Faculty of Arts

Dr. Julia Spaniol served as the graduate program director in the Department of Psychology from 2015 to 2018, while simultaneously holding a prestigious NSERC Canada Research Chair. Through these roles and her other countless contributions to graduate education, she has proven herself to be an exceptional graduate supervisor, mentor, teacher, advocate, and program administrator. She is a selfless, supportive and inspiring leader who is a strong role model for graduate students and faculty alike. She contributes to the graduate culture across Ryerson by serving on YSGS Council, search committees, graduate student awards committees and many supervisory and examining committees.

Hong YuHong Yu
Master’s of Business Administration, Ted Rogers School of Management

Dr. Yu's exemplary contributions to graduate education span a unique breadth of activities including research, teaching, supervision and academic leadership. Dr. Yu is a sought-after graduate teacher and supervisor as she has supervised or served as a committee member for over 70 graduate students. In her more recent role as interim associate dean, Dr. Yu has shown great leadership, not only through her administrative role, but as an instructor and mentor to the students. In particular, Dr. Yu's commitment to maintaining a high quality experience for students throughout this period has made a significant contribution to graduate education.

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