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Julia Hanigsberg Make Your Mark Staff Awards: 2017 recipients

Marietta CanlasMarietta Canlas
School of Graphic Communications Management, Faculty of Communication and Design

Marietta Canlas started working at Ryerson in October 2000. Since then, she has become the academic coordinator for the school of graphic communications management (GCM). Marietta is known for delivering exceptional client service with a smile, always focused on exceeding expectations and helping students, colleagues and external clients. Equally, Marietta engages students with the professional community and fosters collaboration. Her efforts have directly encouraged, motivated and assisted hundreds of GCM students over the years, many of whom attribute a great deal of their success to Marietta Canlas.

Loudanski GumbsLoudanski Gumbs
Security Services, Integrated Risk Management

Loudanski's client service is unmatched. He is a colleague that can always be counted on to show up and, in his security capacity, it is well known that Loudanski will often attend to calls for service personally. One example of the impact Loudanski's superior work has had can be seen in the undergraduate admissions office where safety is paramount. There, Loudanski has left his mark, ensuring that the office is safeguarded through discreet, fortified doors, constant video monitoring and additional camera operation.



Arlene ThronessArlene Throness
Food Services, University Business Services

The words used to describe the Ryerson Urban Farm are also apt to describe the farmer who tends it, Arlene Throness. Energizing, abundant, vital, healthy, engaging, productive, inspiring, successful. Arlene is a phenomenon and she has provided the vision and leadership to create a thriving urban farm in the centre of Ryerson and Toronto. Producing 10,000 lbs of food on a roof is achievement enough, but Arlene's contribution extends beyond the quarter-acre roof farm and beyond Ryerson's borders. Arlene exemplifies the best of Ryerson: innovative, imaginative, collaborative, a city builder.

Ryerson Lifeline Syria TeamRyerson University Lifeline Syria Challenge Team

The team supporting the Ryerson University Lifeline Syria Challenge responded to one of the largest humanitarian crises of our time. With the urgency deepening daily and lives at stake, the initiative took shape quickly and called on a wide variety of staff and departments for expertise, insight and execution. From volunteer coordination to finance, fundraising to sponsorship applications, outreach to partnership (including liaising with government and non-governmental organizations), this team came together to bring to life Ryerson’s commitments to community engagement, city-building, diversity and social innovation. This cross-functional team went above-and-beyond and broke new ground, and the result was nothing short of life changing.

Jiwon Bang, Todd Carmichael, Lee Chapman, Sergio Chiodo, Tim Chiu, Jody Dailey, Jamie Dowsett, Tyson Fogel, Amanda Gaspard, Alexandra Hong, Anna Hubert, Samantha Jackson, Emma Jankowski, Noreen Javed, David Kinahan, Guoxian (Hal) Liu, Jennifer MacInnis, Rudo Mataure, Karen Musytschka, Mary Jane Pacheco, Kerith Paul, Tamara Sabarini, Diane Winiarz

Take Our Kids to Work Day TeamTake Our Kids to Work Day Team

Guided by an understanding that everyone who works at Ryerson adds value, the Take Our Kids to Work Day committee has built a robust annual event. This event connects employees' work to Ryerson’s mission to be a leading comprehensive innovation university and encourages students to think about their own university path. It asks students to consider how their actions impact not only their own future, but also that of their communities. By delivering sessions that address social change and explore various cultures, the programming allows parents and children to come together to take pride in our work at Ryerson.

Carey Barker, Jennifer Gonzales, Charmaine Hack, Akeisha Lari, Emily MacIntosh, Tamar Myers, Alyson Reader, Jodie Stauffer, Janine Willie, Heather Willis, Kate Womby Browne

Undergrad Calendar Production TeamUniversity Undergraduate Calendar Project Team

Dreams do come true. The desire to use university resources to create and build an out-of-the box method to publish the Undergraduate Calendar using Adobe CQ, the university content management (website platform) and free us from using third-party web publishing software packages took the team to places they hadn't been before. Our curriculum management, publications editor promoted the idea to explore the potential for this innovative application which required the collaboration and forward-thinking interest and support of many people across the Registrar's Office and Computing and Communications Services. It was an idea that challenged the 'normal.'

Sarah Edmonds, Gwen Fox, Peter Haywood, Kathleen Hewak, Marlyn Persaud, Arthur Sabelnykov, Celina Virani, Deanne Wright, Andrew Young

Your Neighbour Program TeamYour Neighbour Program Team

Brandon and Troy were instrumental to the success of the "Your Neighbour" program which brought students and community together and raised awareness about our Ryerson values. They challenged students to consider themselves as members of the residence, Ryerson and Toronto communities in a way that has created long-lasting impacts and connections. Both Brandon and Troy have committed to the continued growth and evolution of this program and, through peer review, have been asked to present on the development and outcomes at several national and international conferences contributing to Ryerson’s reputation as a community building and philanthropic organization.

Troy Murray and Brandon Smith

Past recipients