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Sarwan Sahota Ryerson Distinguished Scholar Award

The Sarwan Sahota Ryerson Distinguished Scholar Award is presented annually to one or more faculty members who have made an outstanding contribution to knowledge or artistic creativity in their area(s) of expertise while employed at Ryerson. The contribution to SRC activity may be a long term, cumulative contribution or a single, particularly insightful or seminal idea, experiment, application or interpretation.

Award recipient(s) will receive a certificate of recognition and a monetary award of $3,000 as a one-time payment (subject to applicable deductions).

The Distinguished Scholar Award is made available through the joint contributions of Dr. Sarwan Sahota, a retired professor, and Ryerson University.

Key criteria: Scholarly, research and creative activity

Nomination guidelines

Eligibility and obligations
  • RFA members of the University community are eligible to apply. Please note that retired members, professors emeriti and adjunct professors are not eligible.
  • Faculty who receive this award may not receive the same award for two years (e.g. 2018-2019 recipients cannot receive the same award until 2021-2022. They are ineligible for 2019-2020 and 2020-2021).
  • Award recipients shall present a seminar to the Ryerson University community in which they discuss aspects of the scholarly, research or creative work for which they are receiving the award. This may include a description of how the scholarly, research or creative activity was conceived and conducted and its significance within and beyond their disciplinary context.
Who can submit a nomination?

Candidates are nominated by two colleagues, a ‘Nominator’ and a ‘Seconder’. The Nominator is required to supply the information and documents as outlined below under Nomination Process and Nomination Package. A Seconder for each nomination is also required and may assist the Nominator in preparing the nomination package. Please note that either the Nominator and/or the Seconder must be a member of a department or school other than the nominee’s.

Award criteria

Among the contributions to scholarly, research and creative achievement to be considered by the selection committee are:

  • Scholarly activity – cumulative contribution, seminal article or monograph, etc.
  • Externally recognized significance of a body of creative or artistic work.
  • Evidence of the societal impact of the body of applicant's SRC work.
  • Development of and contributions to major research initiative, network, or partnership , such as a provincial or national research laboratory.
  • Significant breakthrough(s) in an individual's scholarly, research or creative field.
  • Recognition by professional societies and other distinguished scholarly, research or creative awards of a national or international character (e.g., Fellowship in the Royal Society of Canada, Molson Prize, etc.).
  • Significant contributions to the training and research careers of graduate students, post-doctoral fellows, research scientists and technical staff.
  • Enhancement of the intellectual life of the university community.
Nomination process
  1. Obtain the nominee’s permission;
  2. Complete the nomination package as described below;
  3. Submit the nomination package via the Online Nomination Portal on the Recognition website.
  4. Nominee receives confirmation email with link to provide online consent. This step must be completed before the deadline.
Nomination package

The nomination should provide:

  • Citation (100 word maximum) highlighting why the nominee deserves this award and any notable achievements. This citation will be included in related university communication should the nominee or team be selected.
  • Supporting Statement (three page maximum) of why the nominators feel that this scholar's work has proved outstanding and important to the advancement of knowledge or creativity in the field.
  • Summary (two page maximum) of the scholarly, research and creative achievements and strengths of the nominee.
  • The nominator has the option to provide support materials which contain evidence of how the criteria have been met, including, for example, external appraisals of the nominee's work and one or two significant publications (limited to three appendices, each a maximum of ten pages).  
  • Updated CV in Common or OCGS format - this requirement is submitted after the initial application/nomination process. Applicants/nominees will be prompted by email to submit this portion.
Selection process

The award recipient(s) shall be chosen by the VPRI Prizes and Awards Committee, which is chaired by the VPRI and comprised of the Associate Deans, Research, who serve on the SRC Representatives Committee. Members of the VPRI Prizes and Awards Committee who are nominated must recuse themselves from all discussion related to the selection process. The Committee may determine not to present an award in a particular academic year.

Important dates

Nomination deadline: November 8 at noon
Recipient notified by: December 20
Award presentations: Celebration of Excellence; Ryerson Awards Night


Laura Greflund, Communications, Events and Administration Coordinator at or 416-979-5000, ext. 3424


Nomination deadline
Nov 8 at noon

Including nominee's online consent

Recipients of this award are celebrated at two events:

Celebration of Excellence

Ryerson Awards Night

For questions or more information regarding this award please contact:

Laura Greflund
Communications, Events and Administration Coordinator
416-979-5000, ext. 3424