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25 Year Club Celebration

Ryerson University is a distinctive and remarkable university because of the contributions and dedication of long-service Faculty and Staff. Today, more than 500 employees and pensioners are members of the 25 Year Club.

The Ryerson University 25 Year Club celebrates the commitment of Faculty and Staff who have given a quarter-century of service. This event was held on May 28, 2013 and recognizes the 2012 inductees.


2013 Image Gallery

Julia Hanigsberg

Sheldon Levy

25 Year Club members enjoying the presentation

25 Year Club members enjoying the presentation

25 Year Club members enjoying the presentation

Jean-Paul Boudreau, Mohamed Lachemi, Sheldon Levy, Christina Smith, Brian Ceh

Ivor Schapiro, Gerd Hauck, Mohamed Lachemi, Lesley Salvadori, and Sheldon Levy

Gerd Hauck, Mohamed Lachemi, Don Elder, and Sheldon Levy

 Usha George, Mohamed Lachemi, Sheldon Levy, and Richard Perras

Brian Lesser, Julia Hanigsberg, Dave Rasmusson, Sheldon Levy

Marilia Borges, Heather Lane Vetere, Mohamed Lachemi, Elizabeth Mobeen, Sheldon Levy, Charmaine Hack

John Corello, Kelly Abraham, Catherina Hui, Julia Hanigsberg, Sheldon Levy

Garth Poppelton, Garnet Jarvis, Julia Hanigsberg, Dennis Pyke, Sheldon Levy

John Corello, Kelly Abraham, Chris Lam, Julia Hanigsberg, Sheldon Levy

Liping Fang, Mohamed Lachemi, Sheldon Levy, Louise Lichacz, Janette Turcotte

John Corallo, Susan Hum-Poon, Julia Hanigsberg, Sheldon Levy

John Corello, Darcy Flynn, Amanda Lee-Smith, Julia Hanigsberg, Sheldon Levy

Cathy Parry, Erin McGinn, Julie Zehab, and Sheldon Levy

Amanda Lee-Smith, Darcy Flynn

Cathy Parry, Richard English, Vi Bull

John Corello, Kelly Abraham, Gail Minhas, Julia Hanigsberg, Sheldon Levy

Dave Mason

Julie Zehab, Cheryl Maine, Charmaine Hack

Adrian Bevis, Laurie Woods

Stephen Swales, Christina Smith, Gail Duffus and Jean-Paul Boudreau