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Keep Moving, Stay Connected: Winter 2021

January 08, 2021

Welcome to 2021, Ryerson!

How we wish we were welcoming you in-person at the MAC and RAC! While that will have to wait for now, regular physical activity remains one of your best well-being and learning strategies, and we have a range of COVID-ready programs lined-up to keep you moving and feeling connected this winter.

Learn more below...

Regular physical activity is proven to bolster your creativity, recall, attention and understanding, as well as your mood, sleep and digestion - all critical as our lives continue to be disrupted and we take on more remote learning and work. While not the same as a visit to the MAC, our Move Everywhere: Online offerings are refreshed and ready for you this winter: 

  • Live Zoom Group Fitness: 24 classes a week across a wide-range of activities, including a new schedule with multiple options to choose from at our most popular times
  • Intramural Esports and Movement Challenges featuring FIFA20, Rocket League, Among Us and more!
  • Movement Breaks: Mid-class or meeting, these 3-6 minute videos and activities will change your day for the better. Try one and see for yourself!
  • On-Demand Strength & Fitness: These movement videos include previously recorded classes with Ryerson instructors as well as the best from across the world wide web, curated just for you.

Esports & Movement Challenges

Keep moving and stay connected with our Intramural Sports & Social Leagues, whether our Esports leagues and tournaments featuring FIFA20, Rocket League and Among Us, or our team and individual movement challenges - run, walk, roll and more!

MOVE Everywhere: Online

The importance of regular physical activity and a sense of community connection are critical to our well-being and academic success. 

Whether live classes with us or pre-recorded content from elsewhere, Esports or Zoom meetups: Join us... And MOVE!

All programs are freely available to all Ryerson students.