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Instructional Classes

Want to develop your technique and skills in dance, fitness or meditation?

Not to be confused with group fitness, our specialized instructional classes focus on improving your abilities in dance, fitness and mind, body and spirit awareness. Over a 10-week period, you will build your skills each consecutive week in a small group setting with personalized instruction.


Students and members must register for Instructional classes - follow the links below to the various class types to find yours.

  • Student & Member Discount: Special pricing for students and members - up to 50% discount off non-student/member fees
  • Free Demo Week: Look for our 'Free Demo Week' at the start of each term - a  chance to try classes before you commit!

Learn about Our Instructional Classes

What to Expect

  • Open to all Ryerson students and members unless otherwise stated
  • Smaller class sizes and personalized instruction
  • Classes run over a 10-week period

What students have to say about Ryerson's instructional classes