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Sheela Hynes

Sheela Hynes

EducationCertified as a Can Fit Pro Fitness Instructor Specialist and Personal Training Specialist, Nutrition and Weight Loss Coach, Schwinn Cycling, BOSU, WaterART, Twist, Baby and Me Fitness, Tabata, Surge, Run Jump Throw Coach
Areas of ExpertiseAntenatal and postnatal training, weight loss, toning, strengthening, maintenance, rehabilitation, performance improvement

Sheela's foray into the professional fitness world started over a decade ago with a passion for her own health and wellness. Realizing she could help others find their own commitment to wellbeing, Sheela began with Antenatal and Postnatal Training, then expanded to include all populations and many disciplines. 

Her training focus is functional fitness, working the body as a whole, training for a fitter, stronger, more stable and mobile body for improved performance during daily activities both today and in the future: from getting out of bed, prepping the kids for school, working at a desk, running after a ball on a pitch or court, to living with arthritis and to staying out of an assisted living home as long as possible. Her desire is to work with people from all disciplines and help everyone achieve their goals, whether it's weight loss, toning, strengthening, maintenance, rehabilitation, performance improvement or anything in between.

An avid runner, cyclist, swimmer and soccer player Sheela loves working with and sharing her passion with all walks of life. When she isn't sweating in the gym herself, she can be found sweating in the kitchen pursuing her other passion, baking.

Be brave when you are scared. Be strong when you are weak. Be your best everyday!

Sheela Hynes