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Content 7 - Frequently Asked Questions

What if a multi-page document appears to only have one page?

Occasionally a TIFF document may have been uploaded into Content 7 from Nolij that has multiple pages but when initially viewing the document it appears to be only 1 page. This is related to the compression rate of the TIFF file when it’s loaded into Content 7.

To assist with viewing these multi page TIFF documents, a button to navigate through the pages of the document can be added to the Content 7 Toolbar in the Perceptive Content Viewer window.

  1. Launch Perceptive Content. Go to the Perceptive Content Viewer by opening any document.
  2. Click View > Toolbars > Customize…
    View menu option in Perspective Content Viewer
  3. From the dialogue box, click the Commands tab. In the Categories, click View.
    Commands tab in Customize dialog box with Categories and Commands lists
  4. In the Commands list, click Next Page and drag it to the location on the Toolbar.
    Previous Page and Next Page options in Commands list
  5. Click Previous Page and drag it to the location on the Toolbar.
  6. Click Close. The Next Page and Previous Page buttons should appear similar to this.
    Perspective Content Viewer with Next Page and Previous Page buttons added to toolbar
What if I see a message - "Unable to view file type: .pdf"?
  1. Single-click on the link Click here to view in your web browser and the PDF will launch in a new tab
    Perceptive Content Viewer window with option to open PDF in browser
What if I can't launch a document in its associated application? (Ex. Cannot open a Word document in Word)

Click on the Rocket Icon on the Perceptive Content Viewer toolbar.
Rocket Icon in Perspective Content Viewer toolbar

If you are using a MAC and the document does not open in the associated application follow the steps according to the version of Safari you are using.

  1. Open the Safari browser
  2. Go to Preferences > Security
    Security tab in Safari Preferences window with Internet plug-ins section
  3. In the Internet plug-ins section, click Manage Website Settings
  4. In the left pane, click Java to open the settings for Java plug-ins.
  5. In the main pane select On or Allow for
  1. Select the Preferences option from the Safari menu
    Preferences option in Safari dropdown menu
  2. Choose Websites tab and select the Java setting on the left pane
    • Note: If you do not have '' as an allowed website (see screenshot below), please add it now
  3. Ensure the checklist is set to On. Whilst clicking this option, hold down the Option key and uncheck Run in Safe Mode
  4. Close Preferences window
  5. Websites tab in Safari Preferences window
What if I can't see documents?
  1. Click on View.
  2. Select Related Documents.
    Related Documents option in View menu
What if I can't see a form?
  1. Click on View.
  2. Select Forms.
    Forms option in View menu
What if I see a message - "The network connection to ImageNow Server has been disconnected."?

If you are off campus, please ensure VPN2 is connected.