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Marketing and External Relations

When promoting a new program, there are many required and desirable activities to co-ordinate. Below is an overview of those tasks and the timelines to complete them.

Complex issues can cause production schedules to expand in unforeseen ways, so marketing and communications discussions and activities should be initiated as soon as possible during the process of developing a new program. 


Digital Media Projects Office/Computing & Communications Services

The Digital Media Projects (DMP) Office provides faculty, staff and teaching/research/graduate student assistants with support, consultation, production services and facilities for instructional technologies, and multimedia for teaching and learning.

The DMP can help to ensure your website and other systems and tools for your users are fully accessible and barrier-free for users with different abilities and disabilities, including those who use assistive/adaptive technologies.




Digital Publishing/Computing & Communication Services

A program's official website should be completed and available for public viewing by the August before the program’s launch.

The time required to build a website will vary, depending on a program representative’s needs and level of expertise. Therefore, it is best to start the website development process early.

Gain access to website-building training materials: provides online tutorials, including video tutorials on how to use the web Content Management System, (CQ). 

In addition to providing training and support for CQ, Digital Publishing also provides website design and development services.  Please contact Digital Publishing to learn more about its chargeback rates.  

Note: it is strongly advised that new websites be built within the Content Management System. Digital Publishing/Computing & Communication Services is not responsible for the accessibility, security and integrity of any website created outside the Content Management System. 


  • Marlyn Persaud, Manager, Digital Publishing/Computing & Communications Services,, ext. 7892


Marketing and Creative Services/Communications, Government and Community Engagement

Marketing and Creative Services offers a suite of integrated services including marketing and advertising strategy and planning, creative design and production, and digital services. Program representatives are encouraged to connect with the Marketing and Creative Services office as early as possible in the program development process to ensure sufficient time is allocated for the creation of program materials.

Key responsibilities:

  • Develops key messages to highlight program benefits to prospective students, parents and guidance counsellors, and other important stakeholders.
  • Creates program collateral including brochures, post cards, retractable banners, etc., in keeping with Ryerson branding and style guidelines.
  • Develops marketing plans to create awareness of the new program among prospective students and other stakeholders.
  • Works with external vendors to provide guidance around web page content and design.
  • Maintains a roster of preferred suppliers including writers, content writers (web), media planners, graphic designers, consumer researchers, photographers, videographers and printers.

Required Activities by Program

  • At earliest opportunity, share program proposal and Letter of Intent (LOI) with Marketing and Creative Services.

Required Deliverables from Marketing and Creative Services

  • Confirm program messaging.
  • Define and illustrate how the program fits within the Faculty and university branding structure.
  • Create content, both text and imagery, to promote the program to prospective students through vehicles such as the Admissions Handbook and the Ontario Universities’ Fair materials.
  • Help develop the program website by engaging a vendor and by providing guidance on content and design.

Desirable Deliverables from Marketing and Creative Services

  • Create digital and print collateral to further promote program to key audiences.
  • Once the website is functional, work with Faculty to develop a Google Adwords campaign to drive traffic to the new site.
  • Assist in the execution of the marketing plan deliverables.



Media Relations/Communications, Government and Community Engagement

Depending on the level of support desired, one to two weeks is generally needed to plan and initiate any media relations or social media activity. For example, a text-based social media program can be developed and executed quite quickly whereas a multimedia social media program requires more time to co-ordinate. A media release, meanwhile, takes approximately one week to complete, depending on the number and level of approvals required for final sign-off.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Handles social media and media inquiries
  • Creates and disseminate media releases

Required Activities

No social media or media relations activities are considered absolutely mandatory.

Desirable Activities

  • Developing social media programs – e.g., via Twitter, Facebook, etc.
  • Producing a brief overview of the program that media relations staff can use to solicit “back to school” media coverage. Between June and August, media outlets regularly ask Ryerson media relations officers for details about what’s new or exciting in the upcoming school year.

Information / Resources That are Required for Media Relations Activities

  • Who is your key audience?
  • What is your objective?
  • The “who, what, where and when” of the new academic program
  • What makes the program new, first, best or exciting? How is it different from other programs?
  • Who is the program’s spokesperson?
  • Who else needs to be quoted in media releases, etc.?
  • Should viewers / readers be directed to a particular website, video and/or other content that is dedicated to the new program?