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Vice-Provost, Academic

The entire process of developing a new program takes approximately two years to complete.

The table below lists the steps, timelines and approvals related to the development of a new program proposal.

The following information is only a summary. Full details are available in the “New Program Manual: A Guide to Developing a New Program at the Undergraduate Level.” Prepared by the Office of the Vice-Provost, Academic, this user guide includes Senate’s formal policy and procedures, as well as explanations, interpretive comments and supplementary information. The complete document can be found on the Curriculum Quality Assurance website.

Advice on all aspects of a program proposal can be obtained from Marcia Moshé, Vice-Provost, Academic,, ext.2356, or Katherine Penny, Director, Curriculum Quality Assurance,, ext.  7260.

Steps Required for the Development of a New Program Proposal
Including Recommended Timelines
Two Years Prior to the (September) Commencement of the New Program
1. Preliminary Proposal Letter of Intent (LOI)
  • Prepared by originating academic unit
  • Approved to go forward by relevant Dean(s) or Dean(s) of Record
  • Reviewed by Provost, Vice Provost Academic and Vice Provost University Planning
  • Executive Summary of LOI posted for 1 month to Ryerson community
  • Authorized by Provost to proceed to the development stage of a formal proposal
September – December
Year Prior to the (September) Commencement of the New Program
2. Development of new program proposal
  • Submit to Vice Provost Academic and Vice Provost University Planning for review before approval by Department/School Council, Dean(s) or Dean(s) of Record and Academic Standards Committee (ASC)
3. Approvals/review of new program proposal:
  • Department/School Council approval
  • Dean(s) or Dean(s) of Record approval
  • Academic Standards Committee (ASC) review (per Vice Provost Academic)
4. Peer Review and Site Visit
  • Selection and briefing of Peer Review Team (PRT)
  • Site visit by Peer Review Team
  • Peer Review Team Report (1 month to complete)
  • Response by the academic unit to the Dean(s) or Dean(s) of Record  (1 month to complete)
  • Response by the Dean(s) or Dean(s) of Record (1 month to complete)
April – July
5. Submission of the entire proposal (with revisions if necessary) along with the PRT Report and responses to the Vice Provost Academic August/September
6. Review of the new program proposal by Academic Standards Committee (ASC) October
7. Senate approval November
8. Quality Council approval Following Senate approval
9. Report to the Board of Governors (Provost is responsible for this) Following Senate approval
10. Periodic Program Review (no more than eight years after implementation of new program)  


Important: The preparation of a new program proposal is an iterative process involving the unit(s) developing the proposal, the Dean(s) or Dean(s) of Record, the Vice-Provost Academic and the Vice-Provost University Planning. This communication should occur throughout all the stages of the development of the proposal.