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ServiceHub is your ‘one-stop’ shop for questions about:

  • the application and admissions process
  • submission and/or pick-up of documents (e.g. official transcripts) and completed forms (e.g. third party letters, degree certificates)
  • student financial assistance (e.g. OSAP and scholarships)
  • enrolling in courses, Continuing Education course registration 
  • class schedules, exams
  • applying to graduate, RAMSS support
  • tuition, fees and more

Top Questions!

Here are the top questions that we receive in August and September!

How do I enrol into courses?

Returning students are enrolled into courses based on their course intentions. First-year full-time undergraduate students are normally enrolled into their required courses.

During your enrolment period, you can make adjustments to your schedule, and, if you are a first year student, you would need to add your non-required courses, also known as electives. You can do this by using the enrolment tools in RAMSS and the Visual Schedule Builder.

Your program department will provide more information about enrolment during your first-year academic orientation event or during an enrolment workshop. They can assist you with questions about which classes to take and how to meet your program requirements.

When do I enrol into courses?

You can adjust your fall 2019 term schedules during the fall enrollment period, that is from August 6 until September 13, 2019. Your enrolment start date will be confirmed on your Student Center in RAMSS. 

You can adjust your winter 2020 term Course Intentions from August 19 to September 13, 2019. By selecting your winter term courses now, you will be automatically scheduled into your Winter Term courses in December, you will have access to priority enrolment dates, and your OSAP funding will be confirmed without delay, and it will ensure that you receive your full funding for the year.

How and when do I pay my tuition?

Your undergraduate tuition and fees are paid through online banking. Visit Fee Payments for more information.

You can confirm outstanding fees on your Student Center in RAMSS. Keep in mind, that your fees may change if you are still adding or dropping courses.

Undergraduate tuition and fees are due September 13, 2019. Chang School of Continuing Education tuition is due at the time of course enrolment.

How can I assure that I get my OSAP funding on time?

It’s important you apply for OSAP and upload any required documents as soon as possible.  Carefully read the communications sent to you via your OSAP PortalNew window, and follow up with our office if necessary.  

It’s also important that you ensure that your course enrolments for Fall and Winter match your OSAP application.  For example, if you reported a 100% course load on your OSAP application, you must be enrolled in a full-time course load, which is normally five courses.  This will allow us to confirm your enrolment without any delay, and it will ensure that you receive your full funding for the year.

What if my OSAP doesn’t arrive on time?

The final step of your OSAP application is for Ryerson to confirm your enrolment. Once this is done, your funding is on its way, but it may take 5 to 10 business days to be posted in your student account.

As our timelines are tight, your OSAP funding may not arrive by the Tuition Payment Deadline. If this is the case for you, don’t worry, you have until the end of September to clear your fees without penalty.  

It’s your responsibility to keep your OSAP application on track by checking your OSAP portal and following up on any communications.

To avoid late fees, ensure you pay tuition and fees that are not covered by OSAP (if applicable) ahead of payment deadlines.

More Questions?

Ask Ryerson is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. 

  e.g., "What programs do you offer?" or "How do i apply?"

The ServiceHub team can answer other questions you may have. Visit the ServiceHub Contact page for more information on how and when to contact us.

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