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History and Timeline

In May 2013, the RO envisioned new ways to improve the delivery of administrative and advising services for students. By May 2014, a clearly defined Mission, Vision and Values was in place to guide the cultural and organizational transformation. In June 2014, with the approval of annual funding allocations, the 'one-stop' initiative was formally launched.

Officially named ServiceHub, the new space opened in August 2015. 


ServiceHub Timeline

Monthly Updates

    The space dedicated for the ServiceHub was from the centre stairs to the back windows in the photo below - which was the casual seating space in "The Hub" located in Jorgenson Hall/Podium building. The new ServiceHub space provides increased casual seating and dining capacity for recently renovated Hub Cafe. 

    The RO is the university’s
    largest provider of front-line service

    Phone Calls


             # of Phone Calls (2014)



                  # of Emails (2014)

    In Person Visitors


                 # of In Person (2014)

    Before ServiceHub 

    RO service counters were in separate locations, not accessible, and no longer able to effectively display or manage client-focused technologies.

    Undergraduate Admissions
    Ryerson InfoDesk
    Student Financial Assistance
    Enrolment Services and Student Fees office

    Before ServiceHub, students were directed to different counters and offices to deal with varied aspects of their administrative student needs. With each dispatch to another office or service counter, students were spending too much time in lineups and not always getting the assistance they needed.

    Chart retracing students' steps through different Registrar services

    Top Student Complaints Before ServiceHub

    “I hate having to lineup for 30 minutes just to ask a 5 second question.”

    “I often receive incomplete advice which means I have to lineup again either at the same location or at another counter.”

    “I lineup forever only to be told I have to go somewhere else to get the next part of the process completed”

    ServiceHub enabled us to put students first by moving from a decentralized model of service to a centralized one, and by putting students literally at the top of our organizational chart.​

    Priority #1 – Excellent Service

    ServiceHub staff are cross-trained on primary RO functions and where triaging to another person or office is required, assistance is provided to ensure the transition to a specialist is timely and seamless.

    Priority #2 – Design Excellence & Scaleability

    Multiple counters have been eliminated. The ServiceHub space is inviting and flexible - conducive to private, one-to-one advising, as well as scalable with portable service desks - and well equipped to meet increased demand during peak periods (e.g. term start-up).

    Priority #3 – Tech Savvy

    The ServiceHub minimizes traditional lineups through the use of wait-time management systems in synch with online, mobile and self-service options.  Technologies and digital applications that facilitate the transition of knowledge from one advisor to another relieves students from having to repeatedly explain their situation. 

    Priority #4 – Portability of Service

    Looking forward, ServiceHub pop-up units may be located across campus to deliver on-site service within faculties.