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Alert: Effective Wednesday, March 18, 2020, Ryerson University will be shifting to an essential services model on our campus. To view information about this and other important school-wide updates, please visit the Ryerson COVID-19 page. If you are a current student and would like to reach us at the ServiceHub, please visit our ServiceHub Contact page.

Grade and Standing Information


Why are my final, official grades not available over the winter break?

In order to accommodate the introduction of a study day between the last official day of classes and the first day of the examination period, and to accommodate an additional grading day for faculty and instructors, it was necessary to revisit timelines and to adopt a shift in practice. The new timelines for the availability of final fall grades align with the practices of most other Ontario universities.

If you fail a prerequisite course, or are assigned a standing of "Required to Withdraw" or "Permanent Program Withdrawal," you will now have immediate access to academic advisors and supports previously not available to you over the winter break.

I am an Engineering student and my classes start earlier than other undergraduate programs. What happens if I find out I have failed a prerequisite for a course I’m already attending?

You will be dropped automatically from the course and will be required to discontinue attending. If you are otherwise eligible to continue with your studies, you have until the last day of the enrolment period to enrol in an alternate course, subject to space availability.

What happens if I failed a prerequisite course for a course I am enrolled in for the winter term?

You will be dropped automatically from the course. If you are otherwise eligible to continue with your studies, you have until the last day of the enrolment period to enrol in an alternate course, subject to space availability.

If I am placed on probation, what do I need to do?

The deadline to confirm a probationary contract with your program department has been extended to the last day of the enrolment period to accommodate the shift in date for when grades are considered final and official.

What will happen if I’m assigned Required to Withdraw (RTW) or Permanent Program Withdrawal (PPW) standing at the end of the fall 2020 term?

On January 12, 2021 you will be dropped from your winter 2021 courses and you will receive an email communication with important information and instructions regarding appeals and other details applicable to your calculated academic standing.

Can I appeal a grade or an academic standing?

Yes. The university’s academic policy continues to allow you to appeal a grade or an academic standing within 10 days of receiving your final grade. You can see more information about academic considerations and appeals on the Senate website.

Glossary of Grade and Standing Terms

Academic Standing

Your Academic Standing at Ryerson is a statement of your overall academic performance and is calculated at the end of each semester. The Calendar defines Academic Standing, and the Student Guide can help answer questions.

Program Reinstatement / Required to Withdraw (RTW)

If you have been Required to Withdraw (RTW) from your program, you may not continue in your program and are not eligible for reinstatement for 12 months. See Program Reinstatement and the FAQ for more details.


An official Ryerson transcript is a complete record of enrolment at Ryerson including all undergraduate, graduate, and continuing education courses, as well as credits granted towards your program. Both official and unofficial transcripts can be ordered on RAMSS.

Need Contact Information?

Please speak with your Academic Program Contacts.

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