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Enrolment Support

Course enrolment is the process of selecting courses that you plan to take over the upcoming academic term(s), and adding them to your schedule in RAMSS.

Undergraduate course enrolment occurs in two phases:

  1. Course Intention Period: A mandatory process where you select the courses that you wish to take in the upcoming academic year.  Before the start of the fall and winter terms, your class schedule will be automatically generated based on your course intentions. Refer to Course Intentions for detailed information. New students do not participate in course intentions for their first term, and should refer to the New Student information below.
  2. Course Enrolment Period: Takes place at the start of each term. During this period you can adjust your course schedule by adding, dropping and swapping classes. Your enrolment period for each term starts on your enrolment appointment date, which is assigned by year-level and program, and extends through until the last day to add courses for the term.

Enrolment Resources

Important Steps

Enrolment Dates

Course Intentions

Course Intention Period: This is a mandatory process taking place in March, where returning students complete their course selections for the next academic year.

Course Intention Adjustment Periods are available for the upcoming fall and winter terms in May (after the release of winter term grades), and for the upcoming winter term in September (during the fall term Open Enrolment Period). During the Course Intention Adjustment Periods, returning students may need to adjust their course intentions for the upcoming terms after receiving their final term grades or selecting courses.

New students who have applied to OSAP (see OSAP Students section below) or who require a Proof of Enrolment Letter, may need to adjust their winter term course intentions to reflect the accurate course course load.

Visit Course Intentions or the Significant Dates in the Undergraduate Calendar to confirm the exact dates for the current academic year.

Course Schedules

Undergraduate course schedules are available in your Student Center in RAMSS prior to the fall and winter term course enrolment periods each year.

  • Fall term: early August
  • Winter term: late November

Course Enrolment Periods

Undergraduate priority enrolment appointment dates start in early August for the fall term and in late December for the winter term, and are assigned by year level and/or program. If you did not participate in course intentions you will not be assigned a priority enrolment appointment and you can enrol starting on the first day of the Open Enrolment Period. Enrolment periods extend from your assigned enrolment appointment date, until the last day to add undergraduate courses for the term, usually around the second week of class.

Priority enrolment appointments for undergraduate students for the winter 2021 term are scheduled starting Monday, December 28, 2020.

The Open Enrolment Period for all undergraduate students with the exception of Engineering classes and select Architectural Science classes is from Monday, January 4, 2021 until Friday, January 29, 2021.

The Open Enrolment Period for undergraduate Engineering and select Architectural Science classes is from Monday, January 4, 2021 until Friday, January 22, 2021.

How to confirm your enrolment period start date:

Returning students who did not participate in mandatory course intentions will not be assigned a priority enrolment appointment. These students can enrol only in courses during the Open Enrolment Period each term.

Planning Your Course Enrolments

To complete your course enrolments you must understand your program curriculum and determine which classes you want to enrol into. Course planning can be overwhelming - to help you with this process, there are supports and online tools available, including:

Undergraduate Calendar

The Undergraduate Calendar is the official resource where you can find all of your degree and program requirements, including curriculum on a term-by-term basis, showing all the potential course offerings that could fulfil that curriculum for your entire degree. The program pages of the Undergraduate Calendar also summarize other program requirements such as Liberal Studies, professional, professionally-related and/or elective courses.

  • Full-time undergraduate students must follow the curriculum as stated in the current version of the Undergraduate Calendar.
  • Part-time undergraduate students must complete the curriculum for their program as set out in the edition of the Undergraduate Calendar of the year they were admitted to their program, unless stated otherwise.

RAMSS Advisement Report

The Advisement Report in your Student Center in RAMSS is a tool for Undergraduate degree students that provides an audit of your progress-to-date for meeting graduation requirements. This is an essential tool for course selection, as it confirms the remaining credit requirements for your program and verifies that your course enrolments fulfill your program requirements. As you work your way towards graduation, this report reflects your progress and gives details of the courses you still need to take in order to graduate.

Search for My Classes Offered and Visual Schedule Builder

Use the Search by My Classes Offered feature in RAMSS to search for and select courses in your program that are being offered for the term. You can then add these courses to your Shopping Cart, and enrol into them during the course intention and/or course enrolment periods.

During your course enrolment period, the Visual Schedule Builder (VSB) can be used along with Search by My Classes Offered, to identify courses to take and then visually plan the perfect schedule. See the How to Enrol into Courses tab below for details.

Course Format Information

To assist you in planning your winter 2021 schedule, course instructors are sharing detailed Winter 2021 Course Format InformationNew window ahead of class start dates. Information on scheduled class time and remote delivery will aid your course planning in a virtual learning environment, especially for those living in different time zones. 

Program Department

Your undergraduate program department or faculty office and your program contact are available to support you with course selection and enrolment. Many departments share detailed enrolment information through emails or online, and/or host enrolment workshops to assist you with course selection.

How to Enrol into Courses

There are several ways to enrol into courses. The following tools will allow you to plan your schedule and select and enrol in courses for the term.

Course Intentions

Participating in course intentions is the first step in the enrolment process, where you indicate the courses you wish to take in the upcoming academic year.  Prior to the enrolment period for the fall and winter terms, your class schedule will be automatically generated based on your course intentions.

  • If you’re a returning undergraduate student, you must participate, as this helps to facilitate course planning.
  • New students do not participate in course intentions prior to the start of their first term. See the New Students tab below for additional information on course planning.

Visit Course Intentions for detailed instructions on selecting your course intentions through RAMSS.

Adjusting Your Course Schedule and Adding Enrolments

Once your class schedule has been loaded prior to the start of the term (see Enrolment Dates tab above), you may view your schedule on RAMSS by selecting Manage Classes, and then View My Classes or My Weekly Schedule.

As undergraduate course schedules are built for you, you may not be satisfied with the class sections and times into which you have been enrolled. While Ryerson makes every effort to enrol students in all course intention selections, there may also be occasions when you can not be successfully loaded into a scheduled course based on your course intention selection, including:

  • Account Hold(s) has blocked enrolment
  • Course prerequisites or co-requisites not met
  • Scheduling conflict
  • Class is at capacity
  • Class (or class section) is restricted for your program or plan

You can adjust your course schedules during your course enrolment period using the following tools:

Visual Schedule Builder

Visual Schedule Builder (VSB) is our newest online self-service tool that enables undergraduate students to effectively and effortlessly create their optimal class schedule. VSB launches from within your RAMSS account when you log in and visit the Manage Classes tab.

Use the Visual Schedule Builder together with the Search by My Classes Offered to narrow your course search to classes that apply to your program and are offered this term, and to build your schedule in a visual and intuitive way. The VSB allows you to ‘pin’ classes with preferred times, block time slots to accommodate part-time jobs and other personal commitments, search for available courses, drag and drop courses, and generate all the possible schedules based on your choices. From there you can push your entire schedule to enrol in one easy step.

RAMSS Enrolment Functions

You can enrol into and/or adjust courses directly through RAMSS.  Instructions on searching for classes and enrolling directly through your RAMSS account can be found at RAMSS Support: Academics.

Once you have proceeded through all the steps of building and reviewing your schedule, be sure to formally submit and confirm your courses.

After Enrolling

Confirm Your Schedule

After making changes to your course schedule, confirm your schedule on RAMSS by selecting Manage Classes, and then View My Classes or My Weekly Schedule.

Course Wait Lists

Course wait lists are available for some courses, which allow you to place yourself in queue for a space in a class that is currently full.  When you are in the first position and a space becomes available, the Wait List feature will attempt to enrol you. Notification of this enrolment transaction will be sent to your Ryerson email account.

See the Wait List page for more details and exceptions.

Confirm and Pay Your Tuition Fees

Tuition and fees are charged based on your course enrolments, and can be confirmed on your RAMSS student account. As fees are based on course enrolments, the fees balance posted on your RAMSS account may change if your course enrolments are adjusted.

Visit How to Pay Your Fees for information on how to pay your tuition fees through online banking.

See Undergraduate Calendar Significant Dates for undergraduate tuition deadlines, by term. If you’re enrolling into Chang School courses, your fees are due at the time of enrolment payment should be made through online banking right after enrolling.

Be Aware of Course Drop Deadlines

Undergraduate course deadlines are confirmed in the Undergraduate Calendar Significant Dates and include the last date to drop a course: for a full refund, for a 50% refund, and in good academic standing (with no refund). Note that dropping courses with a full or partial refund may not impact your fees if your course load stays within five to seven fee units.

Full-time undergraduate students enrolled in Chang School of Continuing Education courses should be aware that course drop and refund dates differ from those of undergraduate courses. See the Chang School Course Enrolment tab below for details.

Chang School Course Enrolment

If you’re an undergraduate program student, you’re eligible to enrol into courses through G. Raymond Chang School of Continuing EducationNew window that will apply toward your undergraduate degree requirements. It’s important to note that Chang School courses have different deadlines, fees and enrolment procedures than courses taken through your undergraduate program.


Important dates for Chang School courses, including enrolment, payment and refund dates, differ from undergraduate course enrolment dates: 

  • Full-time undergraduate program students enrolling into Chang School courses are advised to follow the Chang School Important DatesNew window and payment deadlines.
  • Part-time undergraduate program students enrolling into Chang School courses that apply toward program requirements, are advised to follow the undergraduate payment procedures and deadlines in the Undergraduate Calendar Significant Dates.

Note: For students in full-time undergraduate programs, the deadline to drop a Chang School course and receive a full refund of fees is five business days before the first day of class.

Course Fees

Course fees for Chang School courses may differ from undergraduate course fees.  If you are enrolling into a combination of undergraduate and Chang School courses you may find that fees are higher than if they were taken as undergraduate courses. See Undergraduate Tuition and Fees for details on how undergraduate course fees are assessed.

Note: Unlike undergraduate course fees, Chang School course fees are due at the time of enrolment. Students should initiate their payment via online banking after enrolling into courses.

How to Enrol

If you’re an undergraduate student, you must enrol into Chang School courses via RAMSS. Detailed instructions on how to enrol are available on RAMSS support.

Visit the Chang School Undergraduate StudentsNew window page for details on enrolment and payment of fees for undergraduate students.


If you’re a new student, transfer student and/or have applied for OSAP funding, see the impacts on your course enrolment below.

New Students

If you’re a new student, you will automatically be enrolled into fall term required courses, if you meet the following criteria:

  • enrolled in a full-time undergraduate program
  • admitted into the first semester of a new program (not Advanced Standing or Direct Entry)
  • offer of admission is confirmed before mid-July

If you’re automatically enrolled into your required courses, your class schedule will appear on your Student Center in RAMSS in early August. During your enrolment period you must enrol into your elective courses and can adjust your required courses.

If you’re not automatically enrolled into your fall term required courses, you must enrol into all of your courses (required and elective, if applicable) during your enrolment period.

Winter term course intentions can be added or adjusted during the fall term open enrolment period. It’s necessary to add your winter term courses during this period if you:

  • have applied for OSAP (see the OSAP Students tab below for more information)
  • are eligible to receive a renewable entrance scholarship
  • require a Proof of Enrolment to confirm your RESP or CPP funding
Transfer Students

If you’re a transfer student, it is recommended that you apply for transfer credits as soon as possible, as the transfer credits granted may impact course enrolment. If you’ve received transfer credits, you may need to adjust your course enrolments and intentions. You can drop any courses for which you have received credit, and you can add alternative courses in their place. If you have questions about which course you can add in place of transfer credits, you should contact your program department.

If you’re transferring from another Ryerson undergraduate program or from the Chang School, you may have courses on your record that will impact your course selection. Visit Ryerson-to-Ryerson Credits for more information, and contact your program department for assistance with course selection, if required.

OSAP Students

As part of your OSAP application process, your enrolments are confirmed to ensure the course load reported on your OSAP application matches your course enrolments and intentions on RAMSS. To avoid delays confirming enrolment and releasing funding, it is important that your course loads match. That is, full-time OSAP applicants must be enrolled in a full-time course load and part-time OSAP applicants must be in a part-time course load.

At the start of the fall term, Student Financial Assistance attempts to confirm enrolments for the academic year using your fall term course enrolments and winter term course intentions. Confirming your enrolments for the academic year has an impact on the amount of funding you receive. It is therefore crucial that you check your winter course intentions during the fall course enrolment period, and update them if necessary. If your winter term course intentions do not match, you will only receive funding for one term at a time and your overall funding amount may be less.