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Writing Exams at the Mattamy Athletic Centre (MAC)

Exams are only weeks away! And while you’ve got studying in the bag, here’s a few more things to keep in mind to get you there, on time, with all you need to ace those exams.

Where are my exams?

Some exams are written on campus, but most are written in the Mattamy Athletic Centre (MAC), 50 Carlton Street, either on the multi-purpose court or the arena.

The MAC is a 15 minute walk from the Student Learning Centre, or a 5 minute walk from the College Subway station. The 506 Streetcar also travels to the MAC.

Please note that free parking is not available at Loblaws for any events or activities which are held at the MAC.

There are several paid public parking lots surrounding Mattamy Athletic Centre. Please note that spaces are limited, and are subject to availability.

When should I get there?

No matter where you write your exams, you should plan to be there 30 minutes ahead of time. If you arrive more than 30 minutes after the scheduled start time, you will not be permitted into the exam.

Accessibility – The MAC is fully accessible. Full info on parking, elevator and washroom access and detailed floor plans can be found on the MAC's Accessibility page.

What should I bring?

Please bring your OneCard, writing utensils and any aids that your instructor has allowed, such as a calculator. Along with a see-through water bottle with no label, these are the only items that you will be allowed on your desk.

You MUST have your OneCard with you to write your exam. If you have lost or misplaced your OneCard, a government issued photo ID, such as driver’s license, health card, or passport can get you into your exam.

So, what do I do with my stuff?

As a pilot at the Mattamy Athletics Centre this year, you can keep your bag under your desk, your coat on the back of your chair, and wear your hat (baseball hats backwards), subject to discretion and inspection. Your watch must go in your bag.

Your professor may have different rules for exams held in classroom on campus, so security bags for your valuables will be available on campus, in case they would like you to keep your bags at the front of the room.

Where do I go between exams?

There are several options available to students in between exams. Visit the Student Support room on the 2nd floor of the MAC, wait in the designated waiting areas or the quiet rooms also at the MAC or head to the Student Learning Centre.

What if I need help, or more time to write my exam?

If you require any accommodations in writing your exams, the team at Academic Accommodation Support can assist you. Contact them at or 416-598-5978.

Have more questions? Check out the main Exams page for further details on exam protocol, academic integrity and more.