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Alert: Effective Wednesday, March 18, 2020, Ryerson University will be shifting to an essential services model on our campus. To view information about this and other important school-wide updates, please visit the Ryerson COVID-19 page. If you are a current student and would like to reach us at the ServiceHub, please visit our ServiceHub Contact page.

Forms for Students

Admission, Enrolment and Withdrawal
  • Undergraduate Program Applications - Information related to applying for admission to undergraduate programs.
  • Plan Change FormPDF icon - If you want to change your major or academic plan within a major, complete this form. The Program Director/Chair must approve the change before you submit the form. 
  • Late Course Drops and Retroactive Withdrawals - Follow this policy and process when you want to drop a course or be withdrawn retroactively from a course after the published deadlines have passed.
  • Undergraduate Course Audit FormPDF icon - Use this form if you are interested in attending a course but not being officially registered, responsible for assignments, or graded on your work.
  • Undergraduate Time Span ExtensionPDF - For students registered in an undergraduate program and want to request accommodation for additional time beyond the established time span.

  • Applications to Withdraw from a Program - If you decide to voluntarily withdraw from your Ryerson program – either temporarily (short-term) or permanently – please follow the steps in the links below:
  • Fresh Start Program WithdrawalPDF icon - Use this form if you are withdrawing from the Fresh Start Program. Your status will return to RTW when you are withdrawn from the program.

  • Chang School of Continuing Education
    • Mail-in Course Enrolment FormPDF icon - Use this form to enrol in a course at the Chang School of Continuing Education.
    • Certificate Program Time Span ExtensionPDF icon - Use this form when you are requesting that the time span for a certificate program be extended beyond the six year limit. The form must be signed by a Program Director before submission.
    • Certificate Program WithdrawalPDF icon - If you are withdrawing from a certificate program, complete and submit this form. Withdrawal from individual courses is a separate process. (See the Chang School website for information.)
    • Certificate Course Substitution/Directive FormPDF icon - If you would like to request that a course that is not currently considered as fulfilling a requirement be counted toward your certificate, use this form.


Curriculum Advising, Transfer Credits, Substitutions, and Adjustments
  • Transfer Credit Application for Chang School Certificate and School of Graduate Studies StudentsPDF icon - Use this form if you would like an assessment of a course you took at another institution to determine if it is eligible for credit at Ryerson. Only use this form if you are a Chang School Certificate or School of Graduate Studies student. Undergraduate students must apply online, refer to the Transfer Credit website for more information.
  • Transfer Credit Reassessment FormPDF icon - Use this form if you have reviewed the criteria and are eligible to file a request for transfer credit reassessment.
  • Challenge Credit ApplicationPDF icon - Use this form if you are seeking credit for a learning experience or activity outside of a traditional post-secondary setting. Not all courses are eligible for challenges.
  • GPA Adjustment FormNew window - Use this form if you are applying to have your GPA calculation adjusted either by replacing a course that is currently included or excluding a course from the calculation.
  • Letter of Permission ApplicationNew window - This form grants Ryerson students permission to enrol in a course at another accredited post-secondary institution and confirms credit will be applied toward their Ryerson program.
  • Manual Advisement Report Request FormPDF icon - Use this form if you are entering your final year and want to know what courses you need to complete. Note – this service is only available to students enrolled in a part-time undergraduate degree or Chang certificate program.
  • Undergraduate Degree Course Exception (Substitution/Directive Form)PDF icon - A substitution request determines whether a course that is not part of the normal curriculum of a program can be used to fulfill a specific course requirement in the program's normal curriculum. A course substitution does not replace prerequisite requirements needed to enrol in courses. A directive request determines whether a course that is not part of the normal curriculum of a program can be used to fulfill a non-specific course in a prescribed group within the program's normal curriculum.
  • Continuing Education Certificate Exception (Substitution/Directive)PDF icon - If you would like to request that a course that is not currently considered as fulfilling a requirement be counted toward your certificate, use this form.

Academic Consideration and Petitions Related to Missed Work
  • Academic Consideration Document Submission Form PDF icon - This form is used to request that an instructor(s) give you academic consideration when you miss an evaluation or assignment deadline on medical or compassionate grounds that could not be avoided. Submission of the form must include appropriate documentation.
  • Aegrotat Grade Petition Form PDF icon - Use this form if you would like to request that an instructor and a dean assign you an Aegrotat grade. You can only make this request if you were unable to complete a course for medical or compassionate reasons but had already completed some of the coursework at a satisfactory level.
  • Medical Certificate PDF icon - If a request for academic consideration or an appeal requires that you provide documentation from a doctor, you should use this form.
  • Religious Observance Instructions & FormPDF icon - Use this form if you are requesting academic consideration for work that you are missing due to a religious, spiritual or aboriginal observance.

Academic Probation, Reinstatement and Redeemable Failures
  • Probationary Contract - New 1.67 Threshold - this is the contract you will complete with a representative from your program to establish the terms of your academic probation.
Probationary Contract Form - To be filled by program representative.
  • Extended Academic Probation (EAP) Contracts - These are the forms that you and a departmental representative need to complete to outline the terms of your Fresh Start Program:
    • EAP Contract 1
    • EAP Contract 2
EAP Contract 1 Form - To be filled by departmental representative.
  • Fresh Start Transfer - Use these forms if you are Required to Withdraw (RTW) and want to apply for the Fresh Start Program in a new department or program. Applications will need to be considered by Undergraduate Admission and Recruitment as well as the new program or department:
  • Fresh Start Program Deferral PDF icon- Use this form if you have been Required to Withdraw (RTW) and are eligible for the Fresh Start Program but wish to delay your start date.

  • Fresh Start Program Withdrawal PDF icon- Use this form if you are withdrawing from the Fresh Start Program. Your status will return to RTW when you are withdrawn from the program.

  • Request for Reinstatement After Required to Withdraw (RTW) - If you have been RTW and wish to resume your studies after completing your term of suspension, follow the detailed steps outlined on these forms. Note that your application will only be complete if you submit both the primary and supplementary forms: 
  • Redeemable Failure Request Form - If you have been assigned an F-S grade for a course and would like to request that a Redeemable Failure Exam be scheduled, use this form.

Academic Appeals

The Senate is the academic policy making body of Ryerson University.

Requests for Documentation (e.g. Transcripts, Degree Verification, RESP, Proof of Enrolment)

You may require that Ryerson confirm some aspects of your status as a student or progress in your degree. Various letters and services are available to you for this purpose, and they can be requested via the Student Centre in RAMSS and/or the forms below. See Letters and Verification Requests for additional information on requesting letters via RAMSS.

  • Degree Verification
    The Degree Verification Service is an online service which confirms whether or not a degree (undergraduate or graduate) and/or a certificate has been received from Ryerson University. It will also specify the type of degree or certificate and the year in which it was received.
  • Status Letter for International StudentsNew window
    If you are an international student requiring confirmation about some aspect of your status at Ryerson, you can request a Status Letter from International Student Supports.
  • Transcript Request
    A transcript documents your academic history and grades, and is available to request via RAMSS. If you attended Ryerson prior to 1984 you may use the Transcript Request Form.
  • RESP / Proof of Enrolment
    A Proof of Enrolment Letter can confirm your enrolment with your RESP company, or it can be used to confirm your enrolment for other purposes. Ryerson does not complete RESP company confirmation of enrolment forms, as this standardized letter contains all key information required and is authenticated with the official Ryerson University stamp. Newly approved and current students must request the letter via the Student Center in RAMSS.
  • Letter Request for Graduate Studies studentsPDF icon
    Use this form if you are a graduate student and need a letter to verify completion of your degree requirements for your program; that you have applied to graduate, though you have not yet officially graduated; OR you need proof of your enrolment in the current term. Graduate students cannot request third party letters via RAMSS.
  • Jury Duty Letter
    Current students must login to their Student Center via RAMSS to request a letter verifying student status, for exemption from Jury Duty.
  • Indemnification Agreement FormPDF icon
    Use this Indemnification Agreement form if a refund cheque that is to be issued to you has not arrived within 40 days of your Refund Request.
  • Refund Request FormPDF icon
    Use this form to request that fees for a course or courses you were enrolled in be refunded.
Graduation and Convocation
Updating Personal Information