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FAQ: Student Awards and Scholarships

I’m an international student – what awards, scholarships and bursaries are available to me?

AwardSpring will match you with all relevant awards. For international student-specific awards, check out the International Student Awards webpage.

Who do I contact if I have questions about awards, scholarships or bursaries, or about AwardSpring?

You can send an email to

If I am a student with a disability, can I use AwardSpring?

Students who have a disability are generally able to use AwardSpring, which also contains features to facilitate their use of this tool. Screen readers or other visual aids may have more limited capacity when using AwardSpring. Students who use these devices are encouraged to contact to receive assistance. Please note that AwardSpring is being upgraded to become fully functional with visual aid devices.

What’s the difference between an award, scholarship and bursary?

A scholarship typically refers to a monetary amount given to a student to cover education expenses because of their outstanding academic achievement.

A bursary is a monetary amount received based on the basis of financial need.

An award is an umbrella term that consists of scholarships and bursaries as well as opportunities that require the demonstration of financial need, academic excellence, community involvement, leadership skills, or a combination thereof.

What GPA do I need to have to be considered for awards and scholarships?

It depends. Some awards and scholarships require a specific GPA, while others focus more heavily on extra-curricular involvement, leadership activities or financial need. When you submit your application, you will be matched with opportunities that are relevant to you. You can search through all awards and scholarships available at Ryerson by clicking on the “Scholarships” tab in Ryerson’s awards management system.

What if I did not receive my awards, scholarships or bursaries cheque?

Always make sure your RAMSS contact information is up-to-date, as we pull your address from there. It typically takes about two weeks for cheques to be printed and mailed to students. If you did not receive the cheque you’re waiting on, you’ll need to go to the ServiceHub to complete an Indemnification Agreement FormPDF after 10 business days have elapsed since the award amount was posted to your RAMSS accountNew window.

Is there a limit to the number of awards, scholarships or bursaries you can apply for?

No. AwardSpring will match you to all awards, scholarships and bursaries you’re eligible for and you can apply for all of those.

When can I apply for awards, scholarships and bursaries?

Most of Ryerson’s awards, scholarships and bursaries are open in the Fall. We recommend completing an application in September to be considered for the most possible opportunities. Some applications are open later in the year and you can complete an application at any time. Click on the “Scholarships” tab to see a list of everything that is currently open.

When can I expect to find out if I will be receiving an award, scholarship, or bursary?

Most applications are reviewed a few weeks after the application deadline. When recipients have been selected, you will be notified through your Ryerson Gmail.

Do I re-apply for awards, scholarships and bursaries every year?

Yes, you will need to submit a new application every year to be considered for awards, scholarships and bursaries at Ryerson. Awards typically open near the beginning of the semester (even as early as August), so we recommend submitting your application early to be considered for the most possible opportunities.

Will I get a T4A for awards, scholarships and bursaries?

A T4A will be issued to you, for income tax purposes, if you receive any of the following income from the university in the calendar year (January to December):

  • Scholarship
  • Bursary
  • Prize and/or Award
  • Fellowship payment
  • Tuition waiver as a dependent

Information is also available here:

When will I receive my T4A?

You will be able to access your T4A on your RAMSS accountNew window during the Winter term. You will be notified through your Ryerson Gmail account when your T4A is available.

How do I apply for awards, scholarships and bursaries at Ryerson?

Current Ryerson students can create an application at https://ryerson.awardspring.caNew window to be considered for all 1200+ scholarships, awards and bursaries university-wide.

How many awards are available at Ryerson?

Ryerson offers over 1200+ awards, scholarships and bursaries. Some are based on financial need, while others consider academic achievement, extracurricular involvement and leadership activities. With Ryerson’s new awards management system, you will automatically be matched to opportunities that are relevant to you.

How do I log in to Ryerson’s new awards management system, AwardSpring?

Use your Ryerson login and password for Ryerson’s new awards management system, AwardSpring. Visit https://ryerson.awardspring.caNew window and click on “Sign in with Your School Account” to get started.

How do I see which awards I’m eligible for?

With AwardSpring, you won’t have to spend any time searching for awards. Complete an online application and you’ll be automatically matched with the 1200+ awards, scholarships and bursaries that are relevant to you. The application will only take a few minutes – after you click submit, you will be able to see which awards you are being considered for. If we need a letter of recommendation or an essay, AwardSpring will let you know via your dashboard.

How and when will I receive money for awards, scholarships and bursaries I’m receiving?

Typically, awards are posted to your RAMSS accountNew window a week or two (maximum) after you have been notified that you’re receiving an award. If the funds are posted to fees, you’ll see it on your RAMSS accountNew window within a couple of days, but if the award is issued as a cheque, it will take a couple of weeks. Keep in mind that departments and Faculties inform the Student Awards and Scholarships Office to process payment.

How are Ryerson’s awards, scholarships and bursaries funded?

Ryerson offers a wide variety of program and faculty-specific, as well as university-wide awards, scholarships and bursaries through a combination of institutional funding, government support and philanthropic gifts offered through private donors.

How can I apply for bursary funding?

Bursaries are contained within AwardSpring. They are usually intended for students who have financial need due to circumstances they could not control. As an example, have a look at the Ryerson Emergency Bursary Terms and Conditions.

Does every award require additional documentation, such as a reference letter or written statement? Can I reuse documentation for various awards?

No. Some awards do not require any additional documentation. AwardSpring will let you know which awards require these.

Documentation should be tailored to each award application.

How will I receive external awards, scholarships and bursaries?

If you receive an award, scholarship or bursary from an external organization, payment sometimes comes through Ryerson and in this case, it will be applied directly to your RAMSS accountNew window.

Are there any awards, scholarships or bursaries that are not available through AwardSpring? How do I apply for those?

Awards, scholarships or bursaries external to Ryerson would not appear in AwardSpring. All awards offered by Ryerson are included in AwardSpring.