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AwardSpring Student Guide

Applying for Awards, Scholarships, and Bursaries at Ryerson

Scholarships Tab
AwardSpring landing page with Scholarships tab on left side of the screen.

Ryerson’s new awards management system is available at window

You can see awards, scholarships, and bursaries that are currently open by clicking on the Scholarships tab (shown above). Eager to start your application? Skip ahead to the "Application Tab" below.

AwardSpring page showing all currently open scholarships, including their names, award amounts and deadlines.

If you click on the individual Scholarship Names, you will be able to see a more detailed description of each scholarship.

Scholarships details page within AwardSpring show award's Overview, Qualifications and Quick Facts.

For each scholarship, you will see a brief Overview, a list of Qualifications, and Quick Facts, including the application deadline and the approximate award values.*

*Award values are estimations based on previous award cycles and may change.

How to Log Into AwardSpring
Ryerson University logo at the top of AwardSpring page.

When you are ready to log in and apply, you can click on the Ryerson logo to return to the login screen.

AwardSpring landing page displaying "Sign in with your school account" button.

Click on "Sign in with Your School Account" to get started.

Ryerson University login screen with fields to include Ryerson username and password.

Next, you will be asked to provide your Ryerson username and password.

Application Tab
AwardSpring Application tab is included on the left side of the screen. The Start Application button is included on the right.

You can begin your application by clicking on the Application tab or the Start Application button.

Within the AwardSpring Application tab, the first page displayed is the Privacy Information page. At the bottom of each Application subpage are the Previous Step, Next Step and Submit Application buttons.

At the beginning of the Application, you will see a brief notice about Privacy. If you have any questions about privacy, you can connect with us at for more information.

Click the Next Step button to continue with your application.

The second page within the Application tab: General Information.

Next, you will see a General Information tab, with contact information for the Student Awards and Scholarships Office. If you have any questions throughout the application process, email We encourage you to apply early and leave extra time for questions – at least three business days.

The third page within the Application tab: Academic Information.

The Academic Information tab is quick and easy - we’ll send your program information over from RAMSS, so you can spend more time focusing on your studies.

The fourth page within the Application tab: Financial Information. This section includes a yes/no question about being considered for awards based on financial need.

Next, you will see the Financial Information tab. If you would like to be considered for awards based on financial need, select "Yes" to the first question, and complete all questions on the Financial Information tab. 

If you do not wish to be considered for awards based on financial need, select "No" to the first question, and click the Next tab at the bottom to go on to the Qualification Questions tab.  

Financial Information Tab Tips:

In this tab, you will begin by indicating the number of months you’re in school this academic year. This is typically eight-months for most full-time students (September 1 to April 30).

Be diligent when completing the form. Some of the expenses are monthly (e.g. housing, telephone and internet, food, etc.), while others are for the academic year (e.g. tuition, books, award amounts, government assistance, etc.). Be sure to include accurate amounts.

This tab includes a section where you can provide greater context and clarify your personal situation, expenses, revenues and so on (the "We realize that numbers only tell part of your story…" question). For example, if you feel that some of your expenses are particularly high or if you live at home and pay rent to a parent, explain the situation in this section. The more context is provided, the more accurately financial need can be determined.

Fifth page within Application tab: Qualification Questions.

On the Qualification Questions tab, you will have the opportunity to tell us more about yourself. We offer a number of opportunities to support access to education and to recognize student contributions through leadership and extracurricular involvement.

Within Application tab, Qualification Questions page, you may choose to use the search bar to select from the list of groups with whom you self-identify.

When responding to the first question on the Qualification Questions tab, you will notice a search bar. If more than one of these responses apply to you, select your first answer, and click on the search bar a second time to select a second answer option.

Click the Next Step button at the bottom of the Application tab to move onto the next section.

When you have completed the Qualification Questions tab, click the Next Step button to continue to the next section.

Sixth page within the Application tab: Disclaimer.

On the last tab, you will see a Disclaimer before you are able to submit your application.

Submitting Your Application
Within Application tab's subpage list, a status of Completed or In Progress will appear. The Submit Application button will appear grey until the full application is complete.

When your application is complete, you will click the Submit Application button. If the application button is still grey (as shown above), a section of your application is incomplete. Under each of the tabs on your application, you will see the status (either "Completed" or "In Progress" as shown above), so you can easily identify which section is missing information. When all tabs are "Completed" the Submit Application button at the bottom of the screen will be yellow, allowing you to submit your application.

AwardSpring Dashboard screen showing number of items requiring completion and number of scholarships applied to.

When you submit your Application, you will be brought back to your Dashboard, where you will see awards, scholarships, and bursaries that you have been applied to based on your qualifications.* You will also see list of opportunities you might be eligible for, if you complete the follow-up items (i.e. an essay, a letter of recommendation, etc.).

*Note: The number of Applied Scholarships will vary, depending on the number of awards, scholarships, and bursaries available within your department, as well as your match to qualifications.

Within AwardSpring Dashboard screen, awards requiring follow-ups will be listed with a Complete Follow-Up button.

In the above example, the applicant might be eligible for the Bill and Lucille Owen Award in Public Policy and the Karen Tench Memorial Award in Community Inclusion and Advocacy. To see additional requirements for these awards, click on the Complete Follow-Up buttons. Additional requirements may include a letter of recommendation, an essay, a resume, an award-specific question, etc.

Additional Requirement Example 1: A Short Answer Question
Example of an award that has additional application requirements.

Above, you will see the Bill and Lucille Owen Award in Public Policy. At the top, you will see an Overview, list of Qualifications, and Quick Facts. At the bottom, you will see the additional requirements to be considered for this award: a 500-word abstract, a resume, and an upload of an announcement for a conference you wish to attend.*

*Note: the last two upload questions are not shown in the above screen shot.

Additional Requirement Example 2: Letter of Recommendation
Example of an award that requires a Letter of Recommendation. Form includes fields for the recipient's names, contact, and message.

If an award requires a letter of recommendation, you will see a form like the one above. You can enter your reference's name and contact information, as well as a message to the recipient (there is a template email already set up in the text box, but we encourage you to personalize your request). When you click Send Request, an email will be sent directly to your reference contact (e.g. faculty member, employer, etc.) asking for their support. Your reference can be someone outside of the Ryerson community (i.e. they do not require a Ryerson email address to complete the request).

You will be able to see when the letter of recommendation requirement has been completed.

Notice within AwardSpring indication: "Great! You have answered all required questions. Now click the Submit Application button."

When you have completed all of the Follow-Up items for an award, a message will pop up letting you know that you can Submit Application (shown above). Your Dashboard will also update: the number of Applied scholarships will increase by one and you will no longer see that award listed under Follow-Ups.

AwardSpring Dashboard screen with updated numbers for items requiring completion and scholarships applied to.
Due Dates and Your AwardSpring Dashboard
AwardSpring Scholarships tab, as it appears when student is logged in, shows a complete list of awards, scholarships, and bursaries along with their deadlines.

If you click on the Scholarships tab while you are logged in, you will see a complete listing of awards, scholarships, and bursaries in AwardSpring, including awards with upcoming deadlines.

AwardSpring Dashboard displaying Awarded button with award amount successfully received.

Awards and scholarships are typically reviewed within a few weeks of the application deadline. If you are selected as a successful recipient, your AwardSpring Dashboard will be updated with an Awarded button, like the one above. To see which award(s) you have been selected for, you can click on the button.

Most departments email successful recipients as well, so keep an eye on your Ryerson email account.

Good luck!