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Awards and Scholarships Tips

  1. When in doubt…. Apply!
  2. Spell and grammar check – put your best self forward. Read what you write again and again and have someone else proofread.
  3. Know your strengths and share them. Do you participate in extracurricular activities, or school events? Do you help out in the community or volunteer somewhere? Be sure to include these in your applications.
  4. Reference Letters – ask your coach, tutor, teacher or community member to write a letter of reference for you.
  5. Research the internet for awards and scholarships. Look beyond the university’s website. Do your parents belong to a union or employee organization? There are many external awards – in fact, too many for us to track – so, take a look as you may find some that you can apply to. Professional associations often have awards available, such as the Canadian Nurses Foundation, so be sure to check those out.
  6. Prepare ahead of time, figure out the deadline and give yourself plenty of time to prepare your application and gather your materials before the deadline.
  • Many applications are due during the Fall, but some are available at different times of the year. Remember to check in to the various awards listings over the year so that you don’t miss one.
  • Don’t forget to look at your specific program, but also to your Faculty as some award are open to all students within a particular faculty.
  • As well, there are a host of University wide awards available to you and we have highlighted a list of additional awards that are available to specific students, such as Aboriginal students, International students, student athletes, and students with disabilities.
Ryerson Student Awards Winners