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For Companies

REI’s programs would not be possible without the dedication and support of over 50 partners and sponsors. We have been able to impact thousands of people and expand out program as a result of the continued support of both internal and external organizations.

As a global leader in experiential education, REI is dedicated to providing opportunities for our 100+ students to make a difference! Our student’s inject youthful enthusiasm, energy and passion into the collaborative projects we undertake along with our partners. In many cases, the youth-based audiences we assist have a particular affinity for working with our student leaders.

REI is always looking to develop new, mutually beneficial relationships and give back to businesses and the community. Match your organization with a team who gets things done!


  • Program Partner – Is currently engaged with a target audience and wants us to deliver our program to their audience.  (e.g. we deliver courses to homeless youth at Covenant House – Canada’s largest homeless shelter)


  • Delivery Partner – Is currently engaged with a target audience and wants to use a customized version of our program which they deliver. (e.g. Seneca College SIFE team delivers customized versions of our StartMeUp Program)


  • Content Partner – Helps us create training materials, educational programs, lectures, workshops, or on-line resources such as legal agreements and templates. (e.g. Gowlings law firm provides content for our legal workshops)


  • Sponsor – Provides funding and grants to REI or our Partners.


  • Individuals – Give back by volunteering to be a mentor, speaker, judge, expert review panellist, Entrepreneur-In-Residence or other contributor.


To learn about how REI and your organization can work together, please email: