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Researchers secure CFI funding for new, state-of-the-art infrastructure

August 25, 2020
Professors Claire Oswald, Dustin Little, Marco Antoniades, Nariman Yousefi and Nariman Farsad.

Top row from left: Professors Claire Oswald, Dustin Little and Marco Antoniades. Bottom row from left: Professors Nariman Yousefi and Nariman Farsad.

Five Ryerson University faculty members have secured funding awards from the Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI) to support leading-edge research projects. Backed by the John R. Evans Leaders Fund, the researchers will investigate topics such as the quality of urban streamwater, advanced materials, next-generation communications networks and the make-up of E. coli bacteria. In total, the awards are worth close to $400,000.

The John R. Evans Leaders Fund enables a select number of an institution’s excellent researchers to undertake innovative research by providing them with the foundational research infrastructure required to be leaders in their field. The fund forms part of the CFI’s mission of supporting Canadian researchers who are contributing to better health outcomes, a cleaner, greener environment, evidence-based policy-making and the competitiveness of Canadian businesses.

“These CFI awards will enable Ryerson faculty members to acquire, develop and harness state-of-the-art tools, facilities and processes that will be crucial as our researchers reach exciting new frontiers of knowledge and discovery in their respective fields,” said Steven N. Liss, vice-president, research and innovation at Ryerson. “Congratulations to our five successful recipients and their teams, whose innovative projects will address key issues with diverse implications across our society.”

The five Ryerson recipients of the CFI John R. Evans Leaders Fund

Faculty of Arts

  • Claire Oswald: Isotopic Water Sampling and Analyzer Systems for Tracing Water Movement Through Urban Landscapes

Faculty of Engineering and Architectural Science

  • Marco Antoniades: Advanced Design and Measurement Facility for Adaptive Metamaterials
  • Nariman Yousefi: Advanced Graphene Oxide-based Porous Materials for Water Treatment

Faculty of Science

  • Nariman Farsad: Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence for Smarter IoT
  • Dustin Little: Protein Crystallization and Molecular Characterization Platform

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