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2020 University-Wide SRC Award Recipients

The following faculty members from across Ryerson have been recognized for their outstanding scholarly, research and creative (SRC) activities over the past year in the 2020 University-Wide SRC Awards.

Sarwan Sahota Ryerson Distinguished Scholar Award

Dr. Michael Arts

Michael Arts

Department of Chemistry and Biology, Faculty of Science

Professor Michael Arts is a preeminent Canadian scholar with an international reputation for his research on fatty acids in aquatic food webs. He has made groundbreaking discoveries and developed innovative techniques highlighting how lipids can be used as biomarkers of health and as biochemical tracers of ecosystem function under natural and anthropogenic stress. With over 120 papers, 4,737 Google Scholar citations, and books that provide an essential background to the field of study, professor Arts is known for both the quality of his research and his passion for developing solutions to the impacts of climate change on fatty acids.

Dr. Steven Zhang

Xiao-Ping Zhang

Department of Electrical, Computer, and Biomedical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering and Architectural Science

Professor Xiao-Ping Zhang is a world-class research leader in engineering and an influential entrepreneur who has substantially impacted and helped to shape the development of multiple areas of research and industrial practices. His extensive research on signal processing theories, methods, algorithms and cross-disciplinary applications has significantly advanced the field, and his technology-based business initiatives and activities have fostered the development and formation of AI tools in the burgeoning financial technology industry. A widely recognized and respected leader in engineering communities, he provides exemplary service and has nurtured and inspired a generation of young engineers and researchers.

Collaborative SRC Award

Dr. Frank Russo

Frank Russo

Department of Psychology, Faculty of Arts

In his Science of Music, Auditory Research, and Technology (SMART) Lab at Ryerson, professor Frank Russo studies the neuro-cognitive and social bases of music, speech and hearing. Newly named the NSERC/Sonova Senior Industrial Research Chair in Auditory Cognitive Neuroscience, professor Russo excels at creating and maintaining fruitful relationships with academic collaborators, as well as partners in community, non-profit and private sectors. He demonstrates an exceptional track record of collaborative research that not only breaks new theoretical ground, but also has meaningful implications for knowledge translation.

Early SRC Career Excellence Award

Dr. Elsayed Elbeshbishy

Elsayed Elbeshbishy

Department of Civil Engineering, Faculty of Engineering and Architectural Science

Professor Elsayed Elbeshbishy is an outstanding scholar who has made significant contributions to the advancement of the field of converting waste into energy, thereby reducing the carbon footprint. He has attracted significant funding from industry and government and to date has secured 21 research grants totalling $3.5M. An impressive publication record includes 57 refereed journal publications, 15 of which were published in 2019. He has also served as a keynote and invited speaker for many conferences, both national and international. His awarding of a prestigious Ontario Early Researcher Award is a further testament to professor Elbeshbishy’s early career excellence.

Knowledge Mobilization and Engagement Award

Dr. Patrice Dutil

Patrice Dutil

Department of Politics and Public Administration, Faculty of Arts

Professor Patrice Dutil’s contribution to knowledge mobilization and engagement is without peer in Canada. For the past few years, his podcast and blogs on Canadian history have created an innovative channel to broadcast the work of scholars. His contribution to newspapers, magazines, radio and television has put this work in the best light. His contribution — a continuation of almost 30 years of scholarly production and concern for communicating the work of academics — is original as much as it is entrepreneurial. He exemplifies creativity and energy in the service of the university and those who care about it.

Social Innovation and Action SRC Award

Dr. Sara Edge

Sara Edge

Department of Geography and Environmental Studies, Faculty of Arts

Professor Sara Edge has a proven track record of serving as a “boundary spanner,” using research to establish rapport, trust and open communication with a diverse range of social groups with historically limited power, such as recent immigrants, refugees and individuals living with poverty, mental illness or addiction. Recognizing that effective communication is central to accessing a diversity of perspectives and requires intentional design, professor Edge uses innovative strategies to help participants overcome language and power barriers, including creative vignette writing, photo voice and new media. This work is generating novel impacts with a range of community groups that share her concerns for a more equitable “right to the city,” immigrant health and inclusion, and transitions to sustainable technologies.