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Grants and Funding

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OVPRI is the point of contact for the federal granting councils, including the Tri-Council, which consists of the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR), the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) and the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC). OVPRI also serves as liaison with government ministries, industry, associations and foundations that provide financial support for the university’s SRC activities.

Ryerson's SRC activities are governed by the SRC Activity Advisory Committee.

Planning Your Research Program

The Grants Officers and Applied Research & Innovation Advisors at the OVPRI are available to provide assistance as you plan your program of research or begin preparing your application. Please refer to the OVPRI Staff Directory to determine the appropriate Officer/Advisor for each opportunity.

Locating and securing research funding is increasingly competitive, as funding opportunities become more limited and the number of researchers vying for those dollars continues to grow. The searchable COS Pivot database, external link can help you identify programs that are relevant to you. With COS Pivot, you can explore new avenues for funding, view funding opportunities uniquely matched to your scholar profile, collaborate with colleagues, and manage the results of the process to build a funding strategy that supports both your immediate and long-term funding needs.


To help researchers establish their research programs, OVPRI actively communicates research funding opportunities through its mailing list, OVPRInet. This listserv also informs researchers about events happening at Ryerson on a variety of subjects, including grant writing, knowledge mobilization, how to form research partnerships, and much more.

To subscribe to OVPRInet, please send a blank email to from your Ryerson e-mail address. If you have any issues with subscribing, please contact for assistance.

Stages of Funding

The stages of funding below illustrate long-term research planning and provide examples of the grants available at each stage. Although this example focuses on the Tri-Council grants, funding is available from other government agencies at all levels, through private foundations, and from community and industry partners.

Ryerson has internal grant opportunities that can help jumpstart your research program and provide you with initial research findings from which you can build a larger project when applying to external granting agencies.

Science & Engineering
Social Sciences & Humanities

CIHR, NSERC, and SSHRC all offer multi-year grants that are designed to provide an operational budget for your research program.

These grants are traditionally your first focus for external funding, providing opportunities for early career researchers, and can also support your academic research throughout your career.

Science & Engineering

Collaborating with partners allows you to expand the scope and impact of your research. All of the Tri-Council agencies provide various funding opportunities to help researchers meet and work with new partners.

To access a database of potential partners, create a COS PIVOT account, external link.

Science & Engineering
Social Sciences & Humanities

With an established network of colleagues and partner organizations, there are Tri-Council grants available that allow researchers to develop collaborative research projects.

Science & Engineering

With a proven, established network, the Tri-Council agencies offer grants to researchers that support the development of larger-scale network-based research between researchers and industry and community partners.

Science & Engineering
Social Sciences & Humanities