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Preparing Your Grant Application

When preparing your grant application, adhere to specific instructions and writing guidelines outlined by the funding agency, and ensure you complete all necessary forms and requirements.

Below are a few key steps to ensure the timely submission of your application:

The Office of the Vice-President, Research and Innovation is an invaluable resource during all stages of the grant process. Ensure you connect with the right Grants/Contracts Officer or Applied Research and Innovation Advisor, opens in new window.

Some agencies have a postmarked deadline, while others have a due date by which the application must be received by the agency. The OVPRI deadline for internal review and to obtain any required signatures is one week prior to the agency deadline. Visit the Funding Opportunities page, opens in new window for more details.

Carefully read the guidelines provided and program descriptions. These guidelines are normally updated every year, and are generally available on the website of the granting agency.

Identify the knowledge gap or problem that needs to be solved. Also identify the knowledge users. Explain how your research program or project is expected to (1) solve a problem or fill a knowledge gap, and (2) benefit knowledge users. Make sure to define outcomes and deliverables, and set your expectations and limitations. Highlight your achievements and contributions that are relevant to the proposed research. Keep in mind that Knowledge Mobilization, opens in new window as well as Technology Transfer and Intellectual Property, opens in new window activities may also be important aspects of your grant development.

The GAF is in RIS - our database with all the information on grants and applications. RIS is mandatory for all grant applications. Log in to RIS, opens in new window.

Before you submit your proposal, check to make sure you have completed all necessary forms, obtained the necessary signatures and have followed the instructions for completion. Due to the high degree of competition for funding, the granting councils and other sources tend to be exacting with regard to the completeness of the application as well as adherence to guidelines.

We are willing to review the application prior to its final submission and advise you on any perceived gaps that may exist. The OVPRI deadline for internal review and to obtain any required signatures is at least one week prior to the agency deadline.