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Finding Partners

Partners encompassing industry, government, not-for-profits and the community collaborate with Ryerson researchers in a variety of ways. Partners can participate in the development of research questions, create sites for research, provide specialized expertise, and contribute cash and/or in-kind contributions for funding.

The OVPRI provides a range of supports to help match researchers and potential partner organizations. The OVPRI also maintains an up-to-date list of funding opportunities, opens in new window where you can find more links to funding partners.

Faculty members interested in information on potential funders are also encouraged to search the COS Pivot database, external link, opens in new window or consult Grant Connect, external link, opens in new window.

The final identification of the most appropriate funding source(s) and developing the scope of work may take considerable time and interaction, and may require contacting the sponsors for more specific information.

Contract Negotiations

Prior to, or immediately following, the initial contact with a potential sponsor, the faculty member should seek the advice and assistance of the OVPRI’s Applied Research and Commercialization department before making any verbal commitments on contractual matters. The OVPRI works with you to negotiate a contract that will satisfy the research requirements in a manner that recognizes your rights and needs while complying with Ryerson’s research policy.

In addition to the advantages of the experience and knowledge at the OVPRI, this approach allows you to deal with the research content in an unencumbered way. It is often time-consuming to pursue work in the field while negotiating ownership rights and contract budgets and ensuring compliance with University policy.

With respect to industrial contracts, the OVPRI can determine at an early stage whether there is an opportunity to secure government matching funds, how to draft the contract with the company so as to maximize the chances of success of the grant application, and how to draft the grant budget to the benefit of the company as the corporate partner. The prospect of a matching grant is often an effective bargaining tool in dealing with the company. OVPRI will also counsel company personnel in completing the corporate part of the application and any other documentation that may be required.

For more information, contact Vigen Nazarian, Senior Commercialization Specialist & Senior Director, Business Development and Strategic Initiatives (Acting).

More opportunities are available through the COS Pivot database and Grant Connect.