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Design, Culture + Creative Industries

Art and culture expand the ways that we think about the world and our place in it, enriching our lives and helping us arrive at creative solutions to real-world problems.

Ryerson attracts talented faculty and students who often blur the line between conventional research and creative practice, working as industry professionals who do not just study art and culture but also produce it.

Drawing from our diverse urban, academic and multicultural surroundings, our community is combining traditional practices with new technologies to drive innovation in design and the culture industries. Notably, our students and faculty are applying art and culture to the emerging model of social entrepreneurship, exploring how SRC activity under this theme can be leveraged to generate societal change.

Areas of SRC activity in Design, Culture, & Creative Industries include:

  • Leading in cultural creation, from traditional media like photography and theatre to digital media content that deploys innovative new platforms such as virtual and augmented reality.
  • Preserving Canada‚Äôs cultural heritage through explorative research, archival activity, curation, and exhibitions that engage both the academic community and the general public.
  • Pioneering new practices and maintaining strong standards in communications fields such as journalism and marketing, to bring new ideas to diverse audiences.
  • Opening fresh new avenues to explore established disciplines through the digital humanities, an emerging discipline of research that is changing how we think about art and culture.
  • Creating art and culture with social impact is a challenge that many of our faculty and students have taken up, tackling pressing social problems in imaginative new ways.