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Digital Media + Technology

Digital media has never been more important to Canada’s economy and society: generating new products and services, creating jobs, enhancing productivity, and improving accessibility. As digital technologies become increasingly integrated into our everyday lives, building a strong digital media sector will be central to citizen engagement and quality of life. 

Ryerson is building high-performance infrastructure, fostering the development of digitally enabled products and services, and promoting the adoption of digital technology across sectors. Our industry-oriented approach is exemplified by our world-renowned research and commercialization centres targeting this theme, including the DMZ, the top-ranked university incubator in North America and third in the world.

Ryerson faculty are also at the leading edge of media convergence. New media research looks at the impact of interactivity on traditional approaches to content, creative processes, information delivery, learning, and ownership. Ryerson's multidisciplinary SRC activities probe such relationships as technological innovation and creativity, technological change, and the social impact of new technologies.

Areas of SRC activity in Digital Media & Technology include:  

  • Bridging disciplines and approaches to explore the applications of big data and information in areas such as financial services and social media.
  • Harnessing the potential of emerging computing and communication technologies in areas such as tangible interfaces and cloud and context-aware computing to solve real-world problems.
  • Developing new applications and assistive tools that are promoting accessibility and supporting people with disabilities.
  • Crossing disciplines to explore new methods and applications in 3D printing and advanced manufacturing in areas such as rapid prototyping and control systems.
  • Combining established best practices with cutting-edge content creation platforms to advance storytelling innovation and diverse perspectives.