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Health + Well Being

As Canada’s public health care system copes with the country’s aging population, health promotion and preventative medicine will be critical to maintaining a productive society and improving quality of life.

The health and well being of individuals and their communities is the central mandate of several professional schools at Ryerson. Our multi-disciplinary and multi-sectoral research in this theme extends from the health and wellness of the individual to the idea of collective health and well being. This includes the study of the determinants of the healthy city, which encompasses structures and processes for citizen participation.

This strategic area at Ryerson is characterized by the interplay of a diverse range of disciplines that encompass the physical, psychological, and social well being of individuals and communities. Our researchers are ideally suited for a more prominent role in new models of health education and research, including the emerging concept of the academic health sciences network. Ryerson’s students and faculty focus on improving access to health care for underserviced groups, on improving the efficiency and effectiveness of Canada's health care system, and on promoting inclusion to enhance well being.

Areas of SRC activity in Health & Well Being include:

  • Exploring the social determinants of health and proactive approaches to the prevention of disease and injury.
  • Pioneering new methods and technologies for the detection and diagnosis of diseases as well as treatment monitoring.
  • Developing new therapies and treatments for diseases and disorders as diverse as cancer, arthritis, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).
  • Promoting accessible, patient-centered systems and services to meet the needs of diverse groups.