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Management, Entrepreneurs + Competitiveness

Universities of the 21st century have to venture beyond their traditional academic roots to embrace innovation that is relevant to industry and the economic prosperity of Canada.

Ryerson's unique model aims to position the University within an innovation ecosystem. A wide range of SRC activities at Ryerson therefore focus on promoting the entrepreneurial mindset as well as new models of leadership and management, and the study of organizational effectiveness and productivity.

As an Ashoka Changemaker Campus, Ryerson also emphasizes the integration of business and entrepreneurship into the pursuit of socially relevant goals, in alignment with our City Building & Social Justice theme, increasing the impact of social ventures such as student enterprise projects.

Areas of SRC activity in Management, Entrepreneurship, & Competitiveness include:  

  • Increasing our understanding of business and immigration and transnational entrepreneurship to build trade, increase productivity and sustainability, and improve employment.
  • Helping organizations effectively use their internal resources through management research that is improving labour conditions while allowing organizations to stay agile and competitive.
  • Bridging disciplines and approaches to explore the applications of big data and information to identify patterns, improve processes, and develop new products and services.
  • Cultivating a culture of social entrepreneurship across a wide range of disciplines to address societal challenges in areas aligned with the UN's Sustainable Development Goals.