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Teaching + Learning for the New Economy

A stronger connection between teaching and research are central to the long-term success of students and universities. We are advancing the development of a meaningful and practical body of knowledge about student learning and teaching effectiveness in higher education, particularly in such areas as lifelong learning and strategic retraining. 

Ryerson’s hands-on learning incorporates research and collaboration with external partners into the educational experience. Our internationally renowned Zone Model is leading the development and implementation of best practices for incubating start-ups, enterprises led by students and faculty, and social innovation initiatives. We also encourage experiential learning abroad through a range of funding programs, internships, and placements.

Areas of SRC activity in Teaching & Learning for the New Economy include:  

  • Promoting diversity and inclusion both locally and internationally through educational innovation and interdisciplinary knowledge and practice across sectors.
  • Increasing teachers' capacity to provide flexible education to students by developing new learning technologies that better connect students to both teachers and peers.
  • Mainstreaming innovation across the University through the innovative zone learning model of education, providing students with access to mentors, resources, space, and technology in order to create new start-up companies in high-growth industry sectors.
  • Designing new programs that incorporate experiential learning, enabling students to apply theory learned in the classroom to entrepreneurial pursuits or industry placements.