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Technological + Industrial Innovation

New technological developments are rapidly being adopted in sectors that include manufacturing, robotics, construction, and more. These developments will be transformative, offering a new level of efficiency, flexibility, and responsiveness across a range of industries.

Ryerson’s focus on innovation in applied science has positioned us to make important contributions to these and other emerging industries, including those based on information management, medical and environmental technologies, novel chemical processes and materials, and micro-technologies, which will form the basis of the 21st century economy.

Our faculty and students look beyond the technical side of innovation to consider the human-oriented aspects of industry and technology. Through collaborative research with both established organizations and startup companies, Ryerson is helping to streamline design, engineering, production, and maintenance to create a strong technological and industrial ecosystem in Canada.

Areas of SRC activity in Technological & Industrial Innovation include:  

  • Exploring new design methods and applications in areas such as 3D printing, satellite control, and biomedical devices.
  • Working in areas such as green building and intelligent transportation systems to develop innovative infrastructure that is defining how cities of the future will be built and managed.
  • Creating systems and technologies that take human factors into account to provide organizations with a competitive edge without causing undue stress or risk of injury.
  • Progress in areas of advanced manufacturing such as control systems, process innovation, new materials, and supply chain management is changing the way physical components are produced.