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Photo - Hugo Fok

Hugo Fok

Retail Management Director, Ted Rogers Students' Society
EducationSenior Student - B.Comm in Retail Management

1) What was your favourite course and why?

My favourite course has to be Omni Channel Retailing (RMG 910). I enjoyed taking this course as it had a balanced combination of course content and hands-on activities; its dynamic learning structure allowed students to be taught weekly content in the first half of the lecture, and incorporate their knowledge by applying it into team-based case studies in the latter half. In my opinion, this application method allowed me to naturally enjoy learning the course content with different topics every week. Overall, RMG 910 helped further my skills to analyze retail industry omni-channel strategies and recommend solutions to help meet customers' needs.

2) What was an interesting class project that you worked on?

A one-of-a-kind project that I enjoyed working on was in Retailing 2.0: Social Media Marketing (RMG 922). All groups had the opportunity to work on a social media campaign in partnership with McDonald's and McCafé Canada.

As I am pursuing a minor in Marketing Management, this project gave us the insight to experience the tasks and projects of a Social Media Manager for McCafé Canada. Using Dash Hudson software to research our Instagram analysis further taught us the importance of Instagram advertising. At the conclusion of the project, we presented our recommendations to the Marketing Managers for McCafé Canada, providing us the complete Social Media Marketing experience.

3) What was one reflection you recall having learned during your internship?

This summer, I had the amazing opportunity to land an internship opportunity at Inkbox.

As a Toronto startup, I was able to work with future leaders of tomorrow while under Diandra Urech, the company's community manager who is a Retail Management graduate! In my time as the Experiential Marketing Coordinator, the biggest thing I learned was to always ask questions and to not be afraid to fail. In addition to my internship role, I was able to learn more about retail marketing and the importance of brand activations in experiential retailing. Within the four months of my internship, i truly realized my passion in the area of retail marketing, allowing me to set my sights on for my future career.

4) What is the value of getting involved with student groups?

Being involved with student groups has allowed me to gain monumental value during my undergraduate degree. Right off the bat, I was actively involved in student groups in my first year, meeting new friends while developing myself into a succeeding student leader.

From student groups such as the Retail Students' Association (RSA) to DECA Ryerson, I eventually secured my current position as the Retail Management Director for the Ted Rogers Students' Society (TRSS). TRSS acts as the umbrella organization that oversees all 30 student groups within TRSM and acts under the academic, professional and social pillars to fulfill the needs of all 9,500+ undergraduate students. In this position, I represent the students of the Retail Management program while also sitting on internal committees and acting as a liaison for multiple student groups. This role helped develop my leadership, time management and teamwork capabilities and set me apart from others when I would attend job interviews and networking events.

5) What are some tips you can give to future students?

A few tips I would provide to future and current students are:

  • to get involved, 
  • get to know your peers 
  • and meet your professors. 

By stepping out of your comfort zone and taking advantage of some of the unique opportunities at TRSM, you will be able to establish strong networks with classmates and professors while developing your technical and interpersonal skills.

Joining a student group allows you to expand your current interests while discovering new ones; you will learn more about yourself while developing soft skills and how to work in a team. The importance of student life does not only look superb on your resume; you will also be able to engage with diverse groups of people in networking opportunities. With peers and professors, it is a great way to establish a mutual connection to learn and succeed together.

The Retail Management program is a very tight-knit community where everyone wants to see each other succeed and professors, many of whom have worked in the industry are able to provide insight into what your future career could look like.

From scholarships, experiential trips, to retail conferences, Retail Management provides so many amazing opportunities for students to access and discover. Choosing the Retail Management program at Ryerson was the best decision I have made in my undergraduate career, and I hope many future students are able to find the value in this incredible program.