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Global Learning

Go beyond your own borders.

Ryerson International helps students find opportunities to learn about other cultures and gain new perspectives on your chosen fields. Whether you go on a formal exchange, attend an international conference, or complete a field placement, you’ll gain cross-cultural skills, build an international network, and engage with the world as a global citizen.

RI Student Blog

The RI Student Blog features reflection pieces on global learning experiences such as exchange, faculty specific field-trips, research abroad, international conferences, and internships. It profiles student groups, contests, funding opportunities, and various tips and tricks for success in global learning endeavors.

Exchange Opportunities

Study abroad at one of our many partner institutions and immerse yourself in another culture.

Summer Programs

Whether it’s an experiential learning experience, opening the doors to another language and culture, or a for-credit research or course-based learning opportunity, this could be a summer experience like no other.


You may be eligible for funding based on your destination, your field of study, or through a cultural, religious, or other organization.

Pre-Departure Steps

All Ryerson students (both graduate and undergraduate) must undertake a number of steps prior to departure.