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Risk Management Abroad

Mandatory Procedures for Ryerson Students Traveling Outside Canada

Ryerson University manages international travel risk in partnership with International SOS Canada (I-SOS). Before travelling outside of Canada follow the steps below. 

If you are a student traveling outside Canada, Ryerson asks that you:

Create a profile and register your trip at external,International SOS Canada and download the external,International SOS Assistance app.

Ryerson University Membership #:  27ATCM525343

Within 24 hours of registering a trip, I-SOS will send you an email providing detailed information relevant to your destination.  The email will provide you with an assessment of both health and security risks.

This assessment is what determines whether your destination is classified as HIGH or EXTREME risk for Step 5: Travel Risk Management Plan.

All students must sign a PDF fileliability waiver to confirm their awareness of the potential risks and accept them.  This document should be kept on file in your home academic department.

* Please DO NOT drop the liability waiver off at Ryerson International *

All students must have comprehensive health insurance for the entire time that they will be outside Canada.

These regularly-scheduled, roughly two-hour sessions cover travel preparation, travel safety and security and cultural acclimatization. Visit our events page for registration information on upcoming sessions. Attendance at a pre-departure session is not required for travel to the United States.

Students participating in an exchange will be informed of the date for their mandatory full-day pre-departure session by email.

Students undertaking travel to HIGH or EXTREME risk destinations are asked to complete a word fileTravel Risk Management Plan – a document outlining how risks will be mitigated based on the specifics of the student travel – which must be approved by the Dean (HIGH risk) or Provost (EXTREME) before the activity can move forward.

Students undertaking travel to a country that may be considered a HIGH or EXTREME risk destination should consult with Ryerson International well in advance of their intended departure date to this process as early as possible.  It is recommended that students not finalize bookings until formal approval to proceed is granted by the relevant university official.

Those leading a group of students abroad are asked to complete the external,International Group Trip Registration form.