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Ryerson: Canada's City-Facing Innovation University with a Global Reach

Internationalization Strategy

Ryerson University has been attracting international attention from peer institutions, prospective students, governments, and industry for a number of years based on our strong academic programs, impactful applied research, and an innovative and entrepreneurial outlook. Our partnership network spans the globe, fostering opportunities for students, faculty and staff to collaborate and for Ryerson to build its reputation as a global urban innovation university. Ryerson will continue to draw on the rich partnerships within the City of Toronto, and our alignment with the priorities identified by the federal and provincial governments.

The Ryerson Academic Plan, Our Time to Lead, prioritizes student engagement, SRC and academic excellence, innovation and community engagement. Ryerson’s first internationalization strategy takes these priorities beyond Yonge and Dundas with reference to a set of international values vetted by the Ryerson community.

Input provided by Ryerson faculty, students and staff was central to the development of this strategy. Over the course of October 2017 through March 2018, the Ryerson community shared its perspectives during a series of town hall events and consultative meetings informed by the discussion paper PDF filePriorities for Internationalization at Ryerson.  As a result of these university-wide discussions, Ryerson arrived at a series of values and priorities for global engagement.

Our Ambition

Ryerson is committed to becoming a leading city-facing innovation university with a global reach.

Building on the existing strength of programs ranked among the best in the world, our goal is to establish Ryerson within the top 200 internationally-ranked universities by 2030, gaining top 50 ranking for at least 15 Ryerson academic programs.

Our Mission Statement

Ryerson prioritizes providing all students, faculty and staff with access to opportunities for transformative global learning and for collaborative scholarly, research and creative activity by forming values-driven ethical, sustainable and inclusive partnerships to advance critical engagement, mutually beneficial forms of innovation, capacity building and global awareness.

Ryerson’s International Values

Value One – Students First
The student experience is at the centre of our work, with a commitment to provide equitable access to all students, in particular underrepresented and marginalized groups.

Value Two – Collaboration
Strive for collegial relationships and partnerships, based on mutual respect and reciprocity.

Value Three – Enterprising
Creatively pursue opportunities that are of strategic importance, raise Ryerson’s profile and improve the student experience.

Value Four – Good Practice
Carry out work based on high ethical standards and current research. Monitor, evaluate and reflect upon results of our international activity.

Value Five – Openness
Operate with transparency and fairness, prioritizing open and honest communications.

Value Six – Accountability
Ownership of responsibility, working towards specific goals, measuring progress through clear metrics, and reporting fully and accurately on progress.

Value Seven – Transformative Leadership
Focus on impact and serve as a beacon to our peers, offering our expertise and leadership where appropriate.