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From the Assistant Vice-President, International

Global Opportunities

Since assuming the post as Ryerson’s inaugural Assistant Vice-President, International, my office has made a concerted effort to listen to our community and reflect upon how we can build on Ryerson’s established legacy of global engagement in a significant and purposeful manner. Ryerson holds unique strengths that apply to global concerns and opportunities and we are well placed to respond meaningfully to these issues alongside our peer institutions, cities and communities.

The document before you represents the synthesis of a wide array of Ryerson voices and perspectives, as befits a strategy which frames a domain as broad as Ryerson’s international engagement. Emerging from a robust consultation process that benefited greatly from the ideas and insights of our staff, our students, our faculty members and our alumni, this strategy reflects the ambitions and abilities of our collective Ryerson community and the discrete capabilities found therein. It is founded on our institution’s values, to engage responsibly and in the spirit of reciprocity, to facilitate our community’s outreach to the world and to better bring that world onto our campus.

We’ve organized the strategy into five key pillars: Global Learning; Research Collaboration; Projects and Capacity Building; International Students; and Innovation, Incubation and Entrepreneurship. While this framework helps us to organize our priorities and track our success, these areas are interconnected and are mutually reinforcing. Moreover, our internationalization strategy intersects with other critical planning and strategy frameworks at Ryerson such as the Strategic Research Plan and will continue to be informed by the Academic Plan.

"Also critical to Ryerson’s global engagement is that our thinking must always remain dynamic. Just as the world changes around us, so must our ideas and actions."

We plan on a continuous review process, much like the startups that we foster on our campus, in order that we refine our strategy to respond to the changing circumstance of the day.

Most of all, I want to extend my thanks to those that participated in the process and reaffirm our interest to work with all faculties, centres, institutes and administrative units to facilitate robust and deep connections for Ryerson with the world. We look forward to working with all of you as discrete strategies applicable to faculties, schools and departments are developed and as you consider the priorities they will set to bring this strategy to life.

Dr. Anver Saloojee
Assistant Vice-President, International