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A Dynamic Strategy

While Ryerson has made significant strides towards recognition as a global urban innovation university, there is still a great deal of work to do before our global reach meets our global ambitions. By implementing this internationalization strategy, and committing the resources required to reach our stated goals, we are taking the first step towards meeting our objective of becoming Canada’s leading city-facing innovation university with a global reach.

In keeping with the above, the cross cutting theme of reputation building will receive significant attention. A key building block for future international success will be Ryerson’s quality being reflected by establishment within the top 200 internationally-ranked universities. Reflecting the recommendations made above, effort will be put into the recruitment and retention of excellent faculty, students and staff.

Furthermore, attention will be paid to ensure that the data collected on our university is as accurate as possible, and that information on our accomplishments is shared among current international partner universities, in addition to those with which we would aspire to collaborate in the future.  

Reaching this objective will require engagement at all levels of the university. Each of Ryerson’s faculties will be asked to use the five priorities they have helped to identify through the consultation process as building blocks for their own internationalization strategies. The Ryerson International team will serve as a resource as the deans develop and evolve their strategies. Ryerson International support will also be available to chairs and directors, as well as the leaders of other administrative units, to identify their own objectives and formulate implementation plans.

This strategy is a reflection of the values expressed in Ryerson University’s current Academic Plan for 2014-2019. It is expected that as Ryerson’s vision continues to grow and evolve, so too will our viewpoint on internationalization. The next Academic Plan will continue discussion and evaluation of Ryerson’s international strategy and global engagement.