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Making global connections

Whether you’re a potential partner looking to establish links with Ryerson or a current partner seeking to deepen existing ties to our academic community, Ryerson International can help.

Ryerson enjoys partnerships with over 150 leading institutions and organizations around the world. Partnerships include other universities, governments and non-governmental organizations. Please explore our many PDF filepartnerships by country.

Looking to Partner with Ryerson?

International partnerships are initiated by Ryerson faculty or staff in collaboration with external partners. Discussions regarding plans for collaborative activities should begin at the academic level. If your institution does not have an official relationship with Ryerson, you may identify a department where there is a clear academic synergy and opportunities for collaboration and approach a Ryerson faculty member in your field of study to start a conversation. Once potential activities for collaboration have been outlined a formal agreement may be required. The Ryerson academic department or faculty member will initiate a proposal for collaboration as outlined in the section here below.

Establishing Institutional Linkages

An international institutional agreement becomes a necessity as collaborative academic programs and research projects grow to include:

  • The allocation of institutional resources
  • The movement of students
  • The pursuit of joint funding

The Ryerson faculty or staff member leading the initiative is responsible for completing an initial proposal (see links below) to establish an institutional agreement and obtain Departmental and Faculty-level approval of the collaboration. Ryerson International will facilitate the institutional agreement process to ensure that all University academic and administrative policies are met.

To initiate the process, select the appropriate proposal form based on the type of partnership being proposed. The type of agreement must be clearly defined and must follow the internal approval process as specified in the proposal form.

google formProposal: General framework for collaboration: Memorandum of Understanding, external link
google formProposal: General framework for collaboration: Research & Development, external link
google formProposal: Academic Student Exchange Agreement (Undergraduate level), external link
google formProposal: Academic Student Exchange Agreement (Graduate level), external link

Once the proposal is submitted and approved at the academic level, Ryerson International will negotiate the agreement with the potential partner and facilitate the approval of the agreement by the University’s authorized signatories. For further information please contact Suhair Deeb, Coordinator, International Agreements & Faculty Engagement, at