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What is RIADI?

The Ryerson Institute for Aerospace Design and Innovation (RIADI) was launched in 2003. It works to provide Ryerson's undergraduate engineering students with a unique training opportunity by involving them in real life aerospace industry projects. The program prepares the students for future engineering careers, specifically in aerospace engineering, and graduate studies. RIADI is a unique model of partnership bringing Ryerson University together with some of Ontario's most prominent aerospace firms, recognized as world leaders in their respective domains.

RIADI has now complete thirteen successful seasons of providing Ryerson engineering students with a unique model of project based training, and is recognized by many as one of the best programs in the Canadian academic domain.

See the calendar below to remain up-to-date with the events hosted by various student groups that will help you become a successful applicant for the RIADI Program. For events, workshops and seminars specific to the RIADI program, click here.

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