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The inspiration…

“I often muse at how easy it is to build a low-energy home from scratch.  It is easiest in a rural setting (there exist countless examples) and more difficult, yet still relatively simple in an urban setting (there are many examples here as well).  However, it becomes quite difficult to renovate an existing home into a low-energy home.  Again, easiest in a rural/suburban setting, however, extremely difficult in an urban setting.  Although we know what must be done, we often find ourselves limited by numerous fixed constraints.  This is where gaps exist in the research.  These are the gaps I wish to fill with this project.”

-Prof. Russell Richman
            July 1, 2009

The Project…

Renovation2050 document the theory, design, construction and performance of an urban renovation in one of Toronto’s downtown residential neighbourhoods.  Using a standard detached dwelling (1,800 SF above grade), Sustainable Renovation practices and principles will be applied.

Visit the Renovation2050 Website, external link. update!!!!

Renovation2050 is in the news! Check out the article (PDF filepage 1 PDF filepage 2)