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Sustainable Buildings Group - Prospective Students

We are looking for students to fill the following positions:  

  1. Further development of the Sustainable Renovation Index 
  2. Design, construction and validation of the first Gemini House (Toronto, ON)
  3. Life cycle analysis of residential new and retrofit options
  4. Environmental testing at Renovation2050 - protocol design, monitoring and analysis  
  5. Research in residential grey-water recovery systems
  6. Research in Electromagnetic Field (EMF) levels/mitigation in residential buildings
  7. Research into the psychology of energy efficiency
  8. Research in policy implementation related to standards and building code elevation  

Incoming master's students:  If you wish to complete your master's under Dr. Richman's supervision, please schedule a meeting prior to your application submittal, if possible.  Applications to the Graduate Program in Building Science are due starting in January.  

Incoming Ph.D. students:  Dr. Richman is actively searching for high quality Ph.D. students.  If you are interested in working with Dr. Richman, please contact him directly to schedule a meeting.   Currently, the Sustainable Buildings Group (SBG) at Ryerson University is near capacity. We are always looking for new ideas and research topics that gel with the current initiatives.  Applications are dealt with on an individual basis. Exceptional and motivated students are urged to apply and contact Dr. Richman directly at: