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The Field and Our Program

The Field

The professional interior designer is qualified by education, experience and examination to enhance the function and quality of interior spaces.

Professional interior designers are dedicated to designing appropriate solutions for people where they live, work and play. Interior architectural spatial development, colour and finishes analysis and application, furnishings, fixtures and equipment specifications, illumination, patterns, and textures, create beauty and functionality are just some of the factors included in the development of space. Services are provided for every imaginable interior setting - from corporate offices and shopping centres to restaurants, hotels, hospitals, and residences. Holistic solutions enhance and enliven space while responsibly adhering to societal demands by meeting code restrictions, environmental needs and social/cultural conditions.

The Program

The school educates individuals to become leaders in the profession of interior design. As alumni of one of "the best of the best" schools, our graduates have an outstanding reputation in the industry, with credits such as the Four Season Hotels, Tiffany's, Neiman Marcus, Hudson's Bay, W Hotels, Nike, Holt Renfrew, TIFF, Pink Tartan and Edition Hotels, among many others. Students and alumni alike are award winners. The program is rigorous and demanding, yet design is nurtured within the community of learners. Exceptional educators, talented staff and practitioners with a passion for design enhance student learning by sharing their wisdom and expertise. As a result of our excellent track record, industry professionals look to us when hiring new graduates.

Statistics at SID

Job Placement
In our 2014 survey, it was shown that 88.9% of graduates from the Interior Design program were employed in a field related to their studies after 6 months.

92% of degree graduates from the Interior Design program were employed in a field related to their studies after 2 years.

This percentage is higher than the overall Ryerson University average.

This information is based on aggregates from the Ryerson University key performance indicators for the MTCU (Ministry of Training, Colleges and University). Further statistics can be found on the Ryerson website, University Planning Office:, opens in new window.

Please note that the most recent available data is for the 2014 year. This information is gathered through a survey sent to all graduated students, compiled every year, six months after graduating from a program. Graduation Rates*

  • Of the students graduating in 2019, 84% graduated in 4 years.
  • Of the students graduating in 2018, 62% graduated in 4 years.
  • Of the students graduating in 2017, 59% graduated in 4 years.

*Information based on enrollment and graduation statistics.