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Congratulations Class of 2020

From RSID Advisory Council and RSID Alumni
June 11, 2020

From RSID Advisory Council


Congratulations class of 2020. We are excited for you to join the workforce as professional designers because you are the new generation. The current situation has made you more resilient, and you will look at design with a completely different lens.

Ashley Rumsey

Congratulations Class of 2020!

As designers, we shape and transform the world around us. New challenges await at every turn: stay curious and daring! A bright career awaits!

Annie Bergeron

Congratulations Graduates!

Although you are graduating in a strange time, that should not tarnish the hard work and determination that you have put towards your graduation. Great Job! The design industry welcomes you and we look forward to having you become part of our community. Now more than ever, we need your optimism, creativity and enthusiasm as we face the many challenges ahead. Cheers!

Bryan Chartier

Congratulations to you all and we wish you every success. It’s important to lead because you have the openness, adaptability and nimbleness to lead. By example, you’ll show empathy and fairness along the way and that role is just as important as bringing greater joy through design. All the best, looking forward and congratulations! 

George Yabu and Glenn Pushelberg

Congratulations on completing the program! I know from personal experience how challenging it can be. Hold your head high and be kind to yourself as you go out into the world and slowly begin to contribute to society.

Jeremy Vandermeij

Interior design is now more important than ever. You have a chance to rethink everything; this is a chance to make change, and we want you to take advantage of this. This is the beginning of a new design challenge that you will be instrumental in solving. Congratulations. 

Stanley Sun


Congratulations RSID Class of 2020! You are graduating today for being incredibly driven, resilient and deeply creative individuals. Know that your future is bright!

Valerie Gow


From RSID Alumni


Cherish the memories you made here, but be excited because they will pale to the great things you will do outside these walls with the knowledge you gained here! Don't worry if you don't have it figured out, none of us did! You are in for such an amazing ride!

Anna Tkachuk, Class of 2019

Work. Design. Thrive. This is only the beginning of such a bigger and better journey ahead. You're already one step down that road.

Stephanie Devika Singh, Class of 2016

Best wishes on the continuation of your journey into the world; be curious, and stay hungry for positive change.

Alice Chernoff, Class of 2015

Good luck to you, grads! Here's to getting some much-needed sleep and focusing on the future - the best is yet to come!

Kathlene McGuinness, Class of 2012

Congratulations! Now go get some sleep and get ready for your next great adventure! 

Mila Ashby (Komar), Class of 2011

Always remember that you are prepared for whatever the world throws at you! Wishing you all the best! Congrats!

Kelyn Allen, Class of 2010

Now more than ever, the work of Interior Designers has the power to create healthy and safe environments. In your careers remember, always ask yourself WHY, and think about how we can improve user experience. Never stop innovating.

Krista Phillips, Class of 2010

Congrats! All those long nights at the studio have paid off and these are the days you will remember in years to come - now go out and get yourself a place in the design world!

Natalie Chung, Class of 2006


🎉 👨 🎓 👩 🎓 👍

Dylan Kwok, Class of 2005

Congratulations RID Graduates! These are unprecedented times, but this does not diminish the importance of your accomplishment. Instead, you have been given a rare gift to kick start your creative career: We are problem solvers and there are many new challenges that didn’t exist 6 months ago. Jump into the deep end, the world can’t wait to see what solutions you will bring!

Krista Rossato, Class of 2000

Design Matters.  Know that you are going to make a difference to those you design for and it’s never ever about you.  Don’t settle.  Seek work that you love, work that excites you and gets you out of bed everyday.  Enjoy the Ride, Class of 2020!  

Joyce Young, Class of 1997

As this chapter comes to an end and you embark on a new adventure, know that you are part of a family that will be by your side to support and guide you through your journey.  Remember the relationships you built and don’t stop learning.

“To create one must first question everything.” Eileen Gray

Thank you,

Anna Sgambellone-Micco, Class of 1994

Congratulations to the class of 2020! So proud of you #welcomeaboard 

Susan Burnside, Class of 1993

Do your best to utilize the great skills you learned while at RSID. The sky is the limit, so reach for the stars as you head on your exciting new path. There are so many great opportunities ahead of you!

All the best,

Andrea Sidney, Class of 1984

Dear graduates 2020!

Congratulations on your achievements, it is well deserved!

You are graduating in a moment of tremendous change. You can graduate knowing that despite the current challenges, as interior designers, you have the capacity to use your knowledge to make change, to inspire and to create new and exciting spaces!

I wish you all well as you go towards your future - best wishes on your next adventure!

Tiiu (Vaikla) Poldma, Class of 1982

To the Graduating Class of 2020

As a former Professor in your Dept. as well as a former Board member of the Interior Designers of Ontario ; I congratulate you on your achievement at this prestigious school!

Your opportunities are vast and challenging in this century , enjoy your chosen profession and the new life that presents itself in this discipline.

With pride and joy for each of you.

Prof. William Kilborn, Emeritus, Class of 1973

Hello Grads!

It certainly is a very weird time now and an unusual convocation this year, but please believe that your lives and careers ahead of you will nevertheless be successful, productive and happy.  Creativity, order and beauty do result in a better world.


Bryon Patton, Class of 1965