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Inspired collaboration is the perfect fit

November 19, 2020

Never knowing when opportunity will knock, a committed designer always puts their best foot forward. That is exactly how the collaboration between RSID alumnus Evan Jerry, and modern furniture retailer CB2, came about. 

Discovered at the London Design Festival in the UK, the work that Jerry featured made such an impression that it led CB2 to offer him a project brief. Jerry, born in Toronto and founder of Studio ANANSI, external link, opens in new window,  took the project brief beyond expectation by including a few extra items that dazzled and sealed the deal. The Studio ANANSI products, designed exclusively for CB2, launched in January 2020.

With inspiration all around, Jerry, who now lives in England, states, "Travel, art and my Afro-Caribbean cultural heritage are key sources of inspiration." 

Making authenticity the cornerstone of design, allowed Jerry to succeed and thrive in a partnership where the end product is a thing of beauty.  His love of interior design and objects drew him to product design as it declares the uniqueness in an individual's space. The statement pieces, translating material and form, continue to be an ideal match for the CB2 market as the American retailer prides itself on offering remarkable contemporary work. 

The exclusive Studio ANANSI products for C2B may currently be found in-store and online, external link, opens in new window

Image courtesy Studio ANANSI.

Evan Jerry