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Design Centre

Design Centre

Typically a facility of this type is the hub of any professional design studio; it is a key learning resource at RSID. It houses a comprehensive and current collection of interior product catalogues and materials relevant to the study and practice of interior design. The centre also has a small reference collection of books and magazines. There is also a “cutting area” where you may take samples for your presentation needs.  The Centre is normally staffed by a Resource Specialist and student assistants.

The centre staff are there to:

  • aid students with research regarding interior materials and furnishing/equipment 
  • advise on FF&E project requirements 
  • order special samples from manufacturers when warranted 
  • keep students apprised of new, innovative and sustainable interior materials and products 
  • coordinate informal information sessions for students

The more you take the time to learn about products, the more successful your projects become.